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101) Sabab Saaz

Posted on: March 8, 2012

101) Sabab Saaz

Author : Ahmed Saghir Sadiquie

Date (I read) : 2.9.8

Length : 2 Digest Pages

Location : Sus May 08

Tone of story : Medium

Theme : Jail, letters.

Setting : Jail, Farm

POV : Third Person

Rating : 5 Star

Synopsis : I did not understand it first but then I did and I changed it to 4 to 5 stars now. A farmer writing letters to his wife from jail. His wife says they have no money to dig and run the farm so he says to his wife that last night i had a dream the north section of farm if you dig you will find something precious. In the next letter his wife wrote that the jail guys came and dug that place but found nothing, your letters are being read. The next letter he replied just one line and this is the last line of this 3 page story which said ‘Start Bawai’ meaning start growing stuff. digging problem solved. This story rocked.

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