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126) Wolverine and Deadpool (Issue 162: Revenge)

Posted on: March 9, 2012

126) Wolverine and Deadpool (Issue 162: Revenge)

Author : Marvel Comics

Date (I read) : 25.3.9

Length : 22 Pages Comic book

Location : Collected

Pace of story : Medium

Theme : Blood, revenge, fight

Setting : Jungle, asia, city, sailors

POV : First Person (Wolverine)

Collecting : i) Justice (Wolverine vol 2 # 44) ii) Return to Mardipoor : Part 1 (Wolverine Origins Anuual # 1) iii) More of that business with the Avengers (Black Panther vol 2 # 23)

Rating : 2 Stars

Synopsis : This is a comic book printed by Panini Comics. Basically it covers stories that are published originally in Wolverine comics. There are two Wolverine stories and one Deadpool. I read Wolv but not intertested in Deadpool. Will probably read him when a new saga starts or something. In Justice Wolverine fights Nitro in a jungle. It is a civil war chapter. In return to Mardipoor, Wolverine comes back to this city to find a girl. Here he tells the story of the girl to this police inspector who will help him find her. Pretty good stuff.


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