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190) X Men – The Return (A Novel)

Posted on: March 10, 2012

190) X Men – The Return (A Novel)

Author : Chris Roberson

Date (I read) : 7.9.9 to 9.9.9

Length : 309 Paperback Pages

Location : Collected

Pace of story : Medium Fast

Theme : X men, Mutants, sci fi, super powers, super heroes

Setting : Earth, galaxy

POV : Third Person

Rating : 3 Stars

Synopsis : A nice novel of X men. Its the first I have read and surprisingly it turned out to be good and entertaining. Just the author has used much more complicated words so it was hard to understand but who cares? main thing is you know the characters and thats it. This novel was about some aliens who come to earth and demand the ownership of it as they claim that millions of years ago they used to live here and dominate the world so a big fight was put and they were defeated. Worth a read honestly.

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