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213) Anari Episode 47

Posted on: March 11, 2012

213) Anari Episode 47

Author : Ahmed Iqbal

Date (I read) : 11.6.10

Length : 32 Digest pages

Location : Suspense Digest March 2010

Tone of story : Fast

Theme : social, murder, family, lawyer, court

Setting : Village, court, Islamabad

POV : First Person

Rating : 7 Stars

Synopsis : Fariyal admits she killed Karela Khan.She went to Dubai. Noor and Rafeeq went to the airport to go to London. Noor went through but Rafeeq’s name was in the Exit Control List so he stayed behind and got the name removed. He got some clues about the attack on him through a cancer patient called Zubair. But finally he left all that and landed in London.


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