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215) Anari Episode 49

Posted on: March 11, 2012

215) Anari Episode 49

Author : Ahmed Iqbal

Date (I read) : 12.6.10

Length : 34 Digest pages

Location : Suspense Digest May 2010

Tone of story : Fast

Theme : social, murder, family, lawyer, court

Setting : Village, court, Islamabad

POV : First Person

Rating : 4 Stars

Synopsis : Ayesha kidnaps Noor again but Rafeeq gets her back and Ayesha opens fire on both of them. She tries to kill them. They escape but the bullet hits Noor in the shoulder. Rafeeq does some investigation with the help of his long lost criminal friend Chief and they find Albert, the black man who captured Noor the first time. Now Chief is missing and Albert’s mum is mysteriously murdered and when Rafeeq decides to involve the Police a whole new side of accusations and investigations open which leads Rafeeq to book to tickets and fly to Pakistan. So he books them and the next 24 hours he is hiding from everyone (police too) with Noor. When he goes to the travel agent to confirm the tickets the travel agent wasnt there but at the same time he sees the travel agent (maybe fake) who booked his tickets coming with two police officers.


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