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346) Fifty Shades Of Grey (Book 1)

Author : E L James

Date (I read) : 14.5.2012 to 17.5.2012

Length : 514 Pages

Location : Collected

Pace of story : Fast

Theme : Romantic, BDSM, love story

Setting : Portland, Seatle, georgia, USA

POV : First Person

Rating : 7 Stars

Page Rate: 128.5 Pages Per Day

Synopsis : It was a love story but with a twist. People consider it Erotica coming into Mainstream but it is really not. Well you can see a clear difference between this book and an Erotic Novel.

It is disturbing, yes, for those who are not familiar with the BDSM lifestyle and for those who are into it, it is a piece of cake because nothing much actually happens except a few spanks. Yes, there is a lot of Vanilla sex but I bet in second book things will go darker.

For me, the grip was the drama. The sex was alright but the actual drama was way too good and kept me going and going. It has a resemblance with Twilight and in some moments, you can see Bella Swan in Ana Steele but it was way better than Twilight. James have really flourished the characters well and overall it is a good read.

345) Sholon Ka Kafan

Author : Khan Asif

Date (I read) : 1.1.2012 to 3.5.2012

Length : 544 Pages

Location : Collected

Pace of story : Fast to Medium

Theme : Historic, Khilji dynasty

Setting : Delhi, Chittorgarh

POV : Third Person

Rating : 8 Stars

Page Rate: 4.38 Pages Per Day

Synopsis : This was a thrilling read. Set in the historic era of 13th century, this story was about Sultan Alaauddin Khilji and his siege against chittor. It also describes about the act of Jauhar done by Rani Padmani and other Rajput women. This story is about a man called Afridi and how he faces trouble.

This was the first book I picked for 2012. The first half I read it in two days but I had to go to Pakistan and I had to finish a Wheel of Time book too so I left this. So now I finished it slowly. But it is not a slow read. Very well written, hard urdu of course but really good. The suspense keeps on till the end where it ends on a sombre note.