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347) The Stand

Author : Stephen King

Date (I read) : 11.4.2012 to 13.6.2012

Length : 1325 Paperback Pages

Location : Collected

Pace of story : Fast

Theme : Epic, Apocalyptic, Dark Christianity

Setting : All of USA, New York, Boulder, Las Vegas

POV : Third Person

Rating : 10/10 Stars

Page Rate: 20.7 Pages Per Day

Synopsis : If you open up the dictionary, skip to E P I C then you will find THE STAND written beside it. An epic, mind blowing to the max. It involved on a lot of things. God, devil, humans.

I actually loved it. I took my time reading it though because it was huge and because of other reasons too which I will tell you later on. I started reading this round about the time I was reading The Dark Tower which was back in 03 or 2004. I didn’t really understand what was happening and left it. It was because of my poor english but now it blew my mind.

The first part how the flu spreads and all the chaos and the character introduction was amazing. King took his time introducing every character and he did this beautifully and of course the flu thing too. In this one huge book, he took us around the whole USA on foot and you actually feel like you have walked from New York to California on foot.

The second part was a bit downer for me. The pace became medium but steady but at the end there is something which shook my circular system and my heart jumped and I felt like crying but I didn’t because I was at work the customers were around.

The third part is epic. The characters are so strong that I feel they will stay with me for life. Especially the last part, in fact the last book is where the climax starts and it just keeps going and going. The last 150 pages I read in one day. It was also a tale about the struggle, the sacrifice, God and the struggle against your ego.

My wife has thrown the book in the bin. As usual you know she doesn’t like me reading so she threw it in the bin and I took a little break before going and buying a new one to finish it.

All I can say that this book will be in my memory for a long time, perhaps a life time and I am just getting started on King but this was his best book ever. Yes I’m going to start re reading Dark Tower now properly.