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Posted on: August 15, 2012

Even though I live in the UK we still get these kind of rains. It is quite humid and it’s raining slightly. Kind of a dusty air. It is absolutely stunning


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2 Responses to "Monsoon"

Here in sunny Glasgow it rains all the time… People complain and I ask… Is this something new? Has it never rained before? Look where you live!!!

I don’t mind the rain… In fact I love it… Only time it bugs me is when it’s dark and I’m trying to drive.

People don’t realise what a blessing the rain is… Look at countries that don’t get any or hardly any. We are truly blessed.

Yes we are truly but they dont understand it. It rained heavy here yesterday. And I took a couple of beautiful pics. Wait till you see it. You will love it.

Driving in the dark and rain is awesome. I love driving altogether.

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