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Film: The Dark Knight Rises

Posted on: August 24, 2012

Only one word to describe this one. Amazing. It was an epic. A masterpiece. It was Inception times 100. All I can say it was released at a very bad time. At the start of Ramadhan. Seriously, Christopher Nolan, out of all the dates you just have to pick that one. Anyway I did try to arrange but Ramadhan means you just dont have enough time so we waited a whole month.

And finally we saw it on Tuesday 21/8/12. Precisely after a month and I was full blown by it. Especially Bane I loved it. He was scary plus wise and intelligent at the same time, as my brother said. His everything was scary. At some points of the film, he enters surprisingly and he immediately starts to own the scene. Even with Batman’s presence, Bane dominates the scene. A very well and excellent portrayed by Tom Hardy. I fell in love with his coat.

Second thing was Cat Woman. Brilliantly portrayed. And how she fits in the film was very well.

And thirdly, Batman was amazing as ever but still I would, personally, think Bane was more amazing. But still Christian Bale is always awesome. Gordon was a good supporting character. The film was not as brutal as I expected. It was emotional at points and more action packed. Next if anyone is going to make Batman movies, I would like a gory, mysterious and kind of a gothic story. Something horror. Just like the comics are going these days.

I really enjoyed the movie. There is a twist in the film and there is a twist at the end which I would not tell you but all I can say is the end satisfies you to the core.

Rating: 9/10

So until next film, farewell.


1 Response to "Film: The Dark Knight Rises"

Do they still have comics these days?
Nice review and now I know I don’t want to watch it. Thanks 😉

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