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First off was Australia vs South Africa which Aus won by 8 wickets.

Pakistan vs India. India won by 8 wickets as well. Some brilliant batting by Yuvraj Singh and Kohli. India was in top form. Unfortunate for Pakistan. Now they have to beat Australia in their next match to stay in the tournament.

Both winners won quite comfortably. England won nicely against New Zealand and in the evening Sri Lanka batted perfectly and caught up with the Indies by a loss of one wicket.

Great day of cricket and tomorrow is the super Sunday match. First Australia vs South Africa and then Pakistan vs India. Bring it on.

I woke up early especially to watch the Pakistan vs South Africa. Pakistan used spinners a lot and South Africa were restricted to 133. Wickets kept falling and South Africa looked most uncomfortable. In return Pakistan were going well until they lost four wickets one by one in a row. Another three went but Umar Akmal and Umar Gul established a good partnership of 50 odd runs and Pakistan won this match with struggle by two wickets.

Second game was a cracker between Australia and India. India were a bit slack in batting and they made 140 odds. Australia’s openers caught up the whole score and unlucky one out they made this a piece of cake. Will India ever regain this fall? Because it’s Pakistan vs India next. Get ready.

Pamela Lillian was a shy, retiring botanist until Dr. Jason Woodrue changed her into a deadly Poison Ivy. Now she is one of Gotham City’s deadliest super-villains and a powerful enemy of the Dark Knight.

This is actually a back issue. I had missed it because I was o holiday but now I received it by re ordering and what a perfect time it came. Just in time when I am reading The Dark Knight new 52 and Batman goes in the jungle to confront Poison Ivy alone.



Ok. This is a kind of a silly movie but it is full of action effects. No story line and nothing major of a script. It is an Indonesian low budget film.

A team of SWAT have to clear a 30 storey building of criminals. I remember telling my brother that the story does not have any twists. It doesn’t go that deep but surprisingly it has a little bit of twist.

It is gory. You see bones breaking. Throats clearly slashing. Guns and smoke. Then when the bullets run out they come down to fists. The last fight was amazing.

The sound and music was really good and in line with the fighting.

I would give this 5/10 just for the action and gore and blood. If I was a teenager, I would have enjoyed this, remembering my Jackie Chan days. But even then we craved a story. This film was storyless. But great action. Well not great but good.

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What a day it has been. Two matches were played at the same ground.

First was Sri Lanka vs New Zealand. Scores were tied with a run out at the last ball which the umpires took their time reviewing. Then super over was played and Sri Lanka won that meaning they win the game.

Second was between West Indies vs England. Chris Gayle and opener Johnson did some really good damage. They made a total of 179. In response England started dreadfully with two wickets gone in the first over. Morgan tried to repair the damage but in the end they were 15 runs short.

I did watch this film when it came on Sky but only watched bits and bobs but now I managed to watch it fully and boy did I enjoy it?

I have to say the highlight of the film was the Joker and how sinister he was. Heath Ledger who played Joker passed away in that year so that is one way this film got mega famous. His entry was really well written and well acted too.

The action was brilliant. There was less of the emotional stuff. I guess the emo stuff was left till the third and final movie.

Bale, portraying Batman, went a notch up. Batman was perfect in this movie and as Joker said Batman is never complete without Joker. It is one of the best films I have ever seen.

Plus we get to see the complicated side of two-faced too. Brilliant movie. 8/10

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