The Spider Cave

Cycling: Dunblane

Posted on: September 21, 2012

Early start for me. 5 am I was up and ready. Had a little breakfast and by five to six I was on the road. It was pretty dark but on the eastern horizon you could see the light.

I went towards Airth passing the nice baking aromas of the Airth Bakery with my mouth watery. Riding along the banks of River Forth, on my left hand side there is something I call The Dark Trees. Basically it is a plain of grass then lots of green tree together and there is darkness between the trees no matter what time of the the day it is. It is this contrast of dark green and black that makes it beautiful and every time I pass it, I am completely stunned by the beauty of this. Okay I think I am a bit exaggerating but you have to see this. Then passing the Stirling hills on my right, I see them every single day but from close up they are something to look at too. Coming to Bridge of Allan, you could see the Wallace monument  at one side and Stirling castle on the other.



I didn’t stop here (well just stopped to take a couple of pics) but instead going through my Doune route, I went towards Dunblane. This is the first time I am ever seeing this little town in my 7 years here. Obviously if I had come here last Sunday it would be mobbed because Andy Murray who had won a New York tennis tournament had come here and I heard the streets were so busy and the motorways were shut too. Oh it is a dream to cycle on the motorway. Sigh.

I stopped here for a break. Had something to eat and took a 15 min break. Then carried on. Through Doune and then turning right on the Kirk Ln towards Gargunnock. This little stretch of road is amazing. You could see amazing hills right in front of you with the sun coming out on your left.



I turned left towards Stirling and then onto my normal back road toward home. I had a banana left to eat so I ate it while riding the bike. Finally I reached home doing 41 miles in 3 hours and 1 min. I didn’t try to be greedy and do 50 miles like the last time.


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