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Film: The Raid Redemption

Posted on: September 28, 2012

Ok. This is a kind of a silly movie but it is full of action effects. No story line and nothing major of a script. It is an Indonesian low budget film.

A team of SWAT have to clear a 30 storey building of criminals. I remember telling my brother that the story does not have any twists. It doesn’t go that deep but surprisingly it has a little bit of twist.

It is gory. You see bones breaking. Throats clearly slashing. Guns and smoke. Then when the bullets run out they come down to fists. The last fight was amazing.

The sound and music was really good and in line with the fighting.

I would give this 5/10 just for the action and gore and blood. If I was a teenager, I would have enjoyed this, remembering my Jackie Chan days. But even then we craved a story. This film was storyless. But great action. Well not great but good.

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