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So I went with my kid to see this film. Having seen the first one, I was an instant fan of this series especially the penguins because they are so cute and cunning.

This one was a roller coaster. It was awesome. There was all the stuff in it. Car chases, adventure, comedy. You name it.

Basically our main cast of animals have to make their way to New York and they are stranded in Europe so they travel all the across Europe to go back to their Zoo. Sounds easy? It is not as there are twists and stones in their way which they have to conquer to get to their destination. A nice must watch adventure if you liked Finding Nemo and Madagascar 1 or 2 (I have seen only one out of them two). See ya.

Few objects used to aid the Dark Knight’s fight against crime have become as iconic as the Bat-Signal. From its humble beginnings as a way of calling to Batman, it has become part of the Gotham City skyline.

This issue’s figurine, showing Batman poised for action atop the Bat-Signal, can be used as a stand-alone object or as an extra to the chess set, watching over the board as the forces of good and evil struggle for dominion.


Finally a good piece arrives. Tim Drake was the third young hero to assume the mantle of Robin and be trained by Batman. He has gone on to be the hero known as Red Robin, a high-flying vigilante and the leader of the Teen Titans. He is also one of this collection’s two white knights.