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Well, Christmas day and my day off too. I took full advantage of it. Slipping out of the house at half six in the morning. I had pre planned a couple of routes but now decided to take one.

The traffic was next to nothing. I saw one guy cycling in the town centre and saw not a single human being for the first two hours. Obviously everyone is at home having dinner and here I am out on the bike.

It was a bit foggy but not so cold. I went towards the Erskine Bridge/Loch Lomond way but I turned right at Arnprior and headed north towards Lake of Menteith. You are probably wondering why I am saying the word ‘lake’ in Scotland and not the usual word ‘Loch’. Some English guy mistook ‘laigh’ for low ground and the word lake stuck to its name. It is quite shallow and can freeze in winter conditions and if it is frozen enough, a grand match of Curling takes place on it.




The lake was covered partially in fog and stood still. It was peaceful and quiet. A lot of deer running around on the road. One ran ahead of me for half a mile until it found a hole in the fence and disappeared in the woods.

Passing Thornhill, I saw a first cyclist (well second, the first one was a commuter I think). I never took rest here and just kept going. Actually after Thornhill I’ve been on this route recently in last months so they were familiar. Turned left towards Doune where I took my first proper rest. 35 miles in. The rest of the route was very familiar. Towards home I managed 54 miles. 50 miles were done just under 4 hours and the last four miles took half an hour. I was just so tired. Anyway it was a nice ride and I had a nice time listening to the end of the first book of the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Man-Bat is one of the Dark Knight’s most tragic foes. He was a talented doctor whose experiments lead to his transformation into a half-man, half-bat creature and whose wild nature makes him an unpredictable enemy. He is one of the collection’s black rooks.

Enjoy your Christmas folks. Happy Christmas from myself.

We were the first ones to enter the screen and when I saw it empty I was like check if it’s the right one. We even got free 3D glasses. Woo. The other cinema charges 3 quid for it. Pffft.

I had already booked the seats thinking it will be busy because we saw The Dark Knight Rises a month later and the cinema hall was jam packed. Not to forget the annoying girls at the front row of us checking their mobile phones every minute and whispering non sense.

We settled in and only less than half the hall was filled with people and that’s it. Quite disappointed for Sunday evening, you would think it would be really busy but anyway the film started.

And it blew me away. I had already listened to the book but this was something else. Of course it needed a little bit of tweaking to make it interesting. For example the White Council and that Orc villain. It was really good. The dwarves were funny except their leader and he was the best. He blended into the character and played it beautifully.

Overall this film does not have one dull moment unlike the Lord of the Rings movies and I really enjoyed sitting there for nearly 3 hours and enjoying it. In fact I even ate the whole of a big sweet pop corn. That’s a first.

I would rate it 8 out of 10. I couldn’t see a fault in this masterpiece.

David Zavimbe is one of the Dark Knight’s newest allies. At one time he was a child soldier in the army of a vicious warlord but now he directs his rage at criminals as Batwing. He is also the collection’s latest white pawn.


It took me five months to read it. I had plans in mind that when I finish this in September I would read the rest of the books in the series one book a month but as you can see this is December and my Wheel of Time dream is shattered but shatter or no, you try your best to recover, get up and beat that target.

It was a dull book. First of all no climax but I’m OK with that. I’m quite used to with having no climaxes because I read quite a lot of urdu novels and they are like 10 part series and most of the parts don’t have climaxes.

But the thing that bugged me was the fact the story just halted to a stand still. Through the whole book, nothing actually happens except one thing (I’ll give you a hint: basement of the White Tower). And that thing is pretty minor too and none of the main characters.

Perrin’s story was rubbish. Rand was barely in it. Egwene’s story was just OK but that’s where I got stuck for months.

And the interesting thing is that all of the book takes places just before the events at the end of book 9, through the end events and a little bit after. So in my opinion even if you skip the whole book and jump straight into Knife of Dreams with a help of a few spoilers, you are pretty safe. Obviously if you are a die hard Wheel of Time fan then you would read every chapter and every word like me.

It is now my least favourite book in the whole series but I’ll tell you one thing. The cliffhanger at the very end forced a big ‘whaaaaaaaaat?’ out of my mouth. And my brother who was playing Commandos 2 at PC beside was like what?
Just for the record reading The Wheel of Time with a bit of music on is awesome. Normally I sit with my Bro while he plays commandos 2 with the track White Death on, I enjoy my reading.

Just brand new in ordered online from Merlin Cycles (great site by the way).

When I bought my new bike, I bought a black Camelbak 500ml bottle which I loved. I wasn’t into cycling much then so one bottle would do me just fine but as I started doing longer trips, I felt the need to have another water bottle. I remember the second week of my new bike, without even checking anything and I mean anything (tyre pressure, water, weather) I set off on the hills. There I was tackling 400 m hills and on an unknown route and I had only ONE water bottle. And on top of it I got a back puncture due to low pressure and had to walk the bike or ride slowly for 13 miles because there wasn’t a mobile signal. I mean could you believe it? I was stuck but thank god I wasn’t lost. I feel so stupid thinking about it now.

So just recently in this (2012) winter I decided to take off my old bike’s bottle stand and attach it to my new one and also I decided to use the old water bottle. It is a 750 ml white sports cap bottle with a plastic cap. My Camelbak one is my primary one which I love but this old one is a nightmare. First you grab it then with the help of your teeth you flip the plastic cover off then again with teeth you push the sport cap out then tip the bottle and squeeze it to get the water. Then close the sport cap by pushing the cap against my face skin and I have a grown up a fair amount of stubble so when a hair gets stuck it makes you scream then after all that you have an optional choice to close the plastic cap if you want (hehe you had forgotten about that didn’t you?). Seriously whoever makes it please stop doing it. This was annoying so i decided to get a new water bottle. I went online and ordered it. And here it is. Presenting to you a Camelbak Better Bottle Tritan 750 ml Grey.


It has a unique Bite N Sip function where you just have to bite the top bit and water comes flowing out. I have to say whoever made this is a genius. It is very refreshing and easily accessed. All you have to do is take the bottle and pull up the lever by your teeth and bite and sip. Then close it by your chin. It is as simple.

So goodbye old bottle and welcome new Camelbak. Making my cycling easy.

355) The Wheel of Time book 10 : Crossroads of Twilight

Author : Robert Jordan

Date (I read) : 1.9.12 to 8.12.12

Length : 797 paperback pages

Location : Collected

Pace of story : slow

Theme : War, world, fantasy world

Setting :

POV : Third Person

Rating : 1 Stars

Synopsis : One star I know. It was dull and boring. Really really dragging. The only interesting bit was about Egwene. The stories or the main plot never even moved. For full review see my Spider blog.

354) The Hobbit

Author : JRR Tolkien

Date (I listened ) : 23.4.2012 to 4.12.2012

Location : Audio book and paperback Collected

Pace of story : Fast

Theme : Epic, humorous, children, mythology

Setting : Middle earth, Rivendell, mirkwood, Lonely mountain

POV : Third Person

Rating : 6/10 Stars

Synopsis : Just listened to it on the Audio while on my bike as the film release of The Hobbit is near and I must say I really enjoy it. Gives a nice setting to lotr.

Just in time for the movie. It is by JRR Tolkien as most know. I didn’t read it but I listened to the audio book. I count it as a read book though. Probably understand better than reading it myself because Rob Inglis did a great job.

It was a really good book. Originally published for children, it had a soft theme to it, not really dark like Lord of the Rings. Especially love the Dwarves songs. It is like an adventure.

Once again Tolkien does a great job at describing a war and the build up to it was just electrifying. I really loved the end part.

Now we will have to wait and see how it does in the cinemas. Will post a review as soon as I see it.


Jason Todd is the largest incarnation of the Red Hood, a character who has been both hero and villain since his first appearance, when he tried to steal the wheels from the Batmobile. He is also one of the set’s black pawns.