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Cycling: Camelbak Bite n Sip Bottle

Posted on: December 12, 2012

Just brand new in ordered online from Merlin Cycles (great site by the way).

When I bought my new bike, I bought a black Camelbak 500ml bottle which I loved. I wasn’t into cycling much then so one bottle would do me just fine but as I started doing longer trips, I felt the need to have another water bottle. I remember the second week of my new bike, without even checking anything and I mean anything (tyre pressure, water, weather) I set off on the hills. There I was tackling 400 m hills and on an unknown route and I had only ONE water bottle. And on top of it I got a back puncture due to low pressure and had to walk the bike or ride slowly for 13 miles because there wasn’t a mobile signal. I mean could you believe it? I was stuck but thank god I wasn’t lost. I feel so stupid thinking about it now.

So just recently in this (2012) winter I decided to take off my old bike’s bottle stand and attach it to my new one and also I decided to use the old water bottle. It is a 750 ml white sports cap bottle with a plastic cap. My Camelbak one is my primary one which I love but this old one is a nightmare. First you grab it then with the help of your teeth you flip the plastic cover off then again with teeth you push the sport cap out then tip the bottle and squeeze it to get the water. Then close the sport cap by pushing the cap against my face skin and I have a grown up a fair amount of stubble so when a hair gets stuck it makes you scream then after all that you have an optional choice to close the plastic cap if you want (hehe you had forgotten about that didn’t you?). Seriously whoever makes it please stop doing it. This was annoying so i decided to get a new water bottle. I went online and ordered it. And here it is. Presenting to you a Camelbak Better Bottle Tritan 750 ml Grey.


It has a unique Bite N Sip function where you just have to bite the top bit and water comes flowing out. I have to say whoever made this is a genius. It is very refreshing and easily accessed. All you have to do is take the bottle and pull up the lever by your teeth and bite and sip. Then close it by your chin. It is as simple.

So goodbye old bottle and welcome new Camelbak. Making my cycling easy.

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