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Cycling: Lake of Menteith (Ride of the Month)

Posted on: December 25, 2012

Well, Christmas day and my day off too. I took full advantage of it. Slipping out of the house at half six in the morning. I had pre planned a couple of routes but now decided to take one.

The traffic was next to nothing. I saw one guy cycling in the town centre and saw not a single human being for the first two hours. Obviously everyone is at home having dinner and here I am out on the bike.

It was a bit foggy but not so cold. I went towards the Erskine Bridge/Loch Lomond way but I turned right at Arnprior and headed north towards Lake of Menteith. You are probably wondering why I am saying the word ‘lake’ in Scotland and not the usual word ‘Loch’. Some English guy mistook ‘laigh’ for low ground and the word lake stuck to its name. It is quite shallow and can freeze in winter conditions and if it is frozen enough, a grand match of Curling takes place on it.




The lake was covered partially in fog and stood still. It was peaceful and quiet. A lot of deer running around on the road. One ran ahead of me for half a mile until it found a hole in the fence and disappeared in the woods.

Passing Thornhill, I saw a first cyclist (well second, the first one was a commuter I think). I never took rest here and just kept going. Actually after Thornhill I’ve been on this route recently in last months so they were familiar. Turned left towards Doune where I took my first proper rest. 35 miles in. The rest of the route was very familiar. Towards home I managed 54 miles. 50 miles were done just under 4 hours and the last four miles took half an hour. I was just so tired. Anyway it was a nice ride and I had a nice time listening to the end of the first book of the Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.


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