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We get to know a bit about Alan Wayne and how he was obsessed with the Owls. Finally Batman finds the nest of the Owls between the 12th and 14th floor. Yes, the 13th floor.

359) Batman #2: Trust Fall

The Talon of Owls comes to Bruce while he is at the old Wayne tower talking to the upcoming Mayor. The Talon attacks and they both fall out of the window but Bruce saves himself by jumping to the gargoyle.

358) Batman #1: Knife Trick

Pretty solid start to the new 52. Batman investigates a murder and the DNA come of Dick Grayson. Quite a cliffhanger.

7 out of 10.

It is showing on Sky movies at the moment.

I watched first two, the second one in the cinema. Both were good but this one was a bit of a disappointment. Same old crap with the neurolyser. It’s been over played for the last 10 years. The joke is old. The storyline was good but confusing since it was about time travel. Not much of the alien world is shown. The only good thing was Will Smith cracking a couple of good jokes but over all a poor directed film. You could just see it. I could anyway.

4 out of 10.

I took my son to see Oz the Great and Powerful. He was just so happy that we were going to see a movie. He didn’t even ask me which movie. He was obviously expecting a cartoon movie because the last one we saw was Madagascar 3. Fifteen minutes in he asked me what is this movie and I had to tell him it’s called Oz and he is like Ozzo. He can’t pronounce it.

Oz was good but not as good as Madagascar 3. It was slow at bits but it kept us at the edge of the seats. It certainly kept my son glued for couple of hours. Mila Kunis was great. First half anyway. But I didn’t quite like the main character. Johnny Depp would’ve been a good one. My favourite was the monkey but again not much of him was shown. Some parts it felt like he has disappeared and the China girl was absolutely amazing. I loved the special effects.

It was great. It was a battle between good and evil and by the way I haven’t watched the original The Wizard of Oz 1939 so I don’t know the story at all.

Quite satisfying. I would give it 7 out of 10.

Killer Croc is a ferocious killer, a mutant throwback to humanity’s most primeval instincts. Quick and deadly, he has proven to be one of Batman’s most dangerous foes. He is also one of the set’s two black rooks.


Two more to go folks. Next issue is… I’ll tell you in two weeks.


This one was crazy, like mess-up-your-mind crazy. It makes you relive your childhood fears like for me I thought of this thing coming out of the toilet while I’m going downstairs and then I would take a big jump out to save myself. Quite similar.

I first bought It and started reading it in 2005 but couldn’t get through the first few pages because I was still learning English. These books were really hard for me. I left it. I did read the Shining and the Dark Tower but I just read them without much understanding.

So last year my sister had read it then she told me you have to read this. She started reading The Stand while I started It and to be honest, I really liked it. I actually had to dump 50 shades darker to read this. I just loved the way King introduces the characters then takes us back in time of childhood then adulthood then back then a mix of past future to finish things off. It was intelligent alright.

The story was one of its kind, the drama, the horror was sick. The concept of It was scary. For me It, as a child, was always around and It only attacked me when I’m going down the stairs as the stairs were directly in front of the bathroom and It would come from the toilet. Then I would jump the whole 13 stairs and It would stretch Itself from the toilet but couldn’t get past the stairs so that is how I saved myself every time.

I read the last 200 pages in one day and the ending, I think, was brilliant. A lot of people might disagree but for me it was just superbly written even the most controversial scene. King had pulled that off really good and that scene is one of my favourites now. It was very in-character and well thought out.

To finish things off, I would say It was a good read. If you are looking for pure horror without the supernatural addition and drama and story, this is the book for you. Personally I don’t really like horror but the story line made up for it. I would give it 8/10 for the horror, the gore, the graphic scenes, 7/10 for the story. And 7.5/10 overall.

Until next time, cheerio.

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