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368) Justice League #1 : Justice League part 1

Read 30/4/13

Start of the Justice League. Batman and Green Lantern fight something extraterrestrial is Gotham and the name Darkseid is mentioned. In the end they confront Superman and he isn’t in a good mood.

The DC Chess Collection continues with the inaugural piece of the Justice League set – Superman (White King). As the first superpowered individual to stride the public stage, he was an inspiration for others. His strength and courage make him the ultimate super hero.


The Man of Steel – Superman is a true legend, using his superpowers to confront injustice whenever he finds it. He is the quiet strength and determination of the Justice League. While he is the team’s most powerful member, he allows others to take command, preferring to remain in the background until called upon to act.

Renee Montoya is the new Question, chosen for the role by the previous incarnation, Vic Sage. She is an ex-member of Gotham City PD and has always been driven to seek the truth. She is also the collection’s last white pawn.


This is the last piece of the Batman chess collection. Next is the new collection of Justice League. Issue numbers will continue.

And folks, next issue is the Man of Steel himself, Superman.

Jean-Paul Valley is Azrael, programmed by the Order of Saint Dumas to be their angel of vengeance – until he broke free to become a hero in his own right. Azrael is also a white pawn, fighting for the Dark Knight’s forces.


I kept up the theme from Pitch Perfect and watched Step Up Revolution next. I haven’t watched any other Step Up movies so I cannot compare them but I liked this one.

A group of dancers called The Mob makes mysterious entries around Miami and leave the spectators mesmerising and the spectators go on you tube and watch it.

The whole film is You Tube crazy, I’m telling you. I really liked all the dances and the storyline was really good. The dialogue was average. The acting was just OK but it was more about the dance which I would give an 8.

Overall this film deserves a 6/10.

After Django I tried watching Les Mes but didn’t really get into it so after flicking through many films I went for Pitch Perfect. A completely different route from Django. I needed a change.

It is about a failed dance group who keeps failing at the competitions. So they decide to go for the ugly way and pick insecure members. One is fat and the other is a lesbian. One is friendless and the other just can’t speak loud. They work hard for their dance. One quality of theirs is that they can sing beautifully but just the dance and the whole coordination messes up.

The comedy was perfect but I just thought it should be a bit more explicit. Ha I’m saying that but I just felt that. That downtown line had me laughing but it was just too mild.

The acting was just average. The dialogue was plain but fine. The theme was good which makes it an average film overall. I would give it a 5 out of 10.

I had already planned I would watch this when I return from my holidays and so I did. Watched it on the plane.

Written and directed beautifully by Mr Quentin Trantino it is an Oscar winner. It gripped me from the start. The first scene is awesome. The doctor does his magic and acts superbly. Then it’s all about the nigger on the horse (the word is used about 100 times throughout the film) Jamie Foxx. Once he gets the horse (not the white one, that comes after) he takes his acting one level up. Then when he gets the white horse, he is just simply superb.

Dicaprio does his job just as good. He is a crazy owner of a plantation who knows his slave trade. Both the doctor and Leo capture the middle area while Jamie and other revolve around them. Everyone gets their bit.

The action was good. There was not much of it in my opinion but it was enough and worth it. Which brings us to the music and sound. Western music is fine but why put rap music in it. Although it is good but I was just wondering why would you put hip hop music in a western film.

The ending was good and satisfying. A bit brutal but at that time brutal was everything. The way they treated black people it opened my eyes and made me think was it really that bad?

I would give this film 8 out of 10.

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