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Book: Anari (Part 1 of 9) by Ahmed Iqbal

Posted on: April 21, 2013


Language: Urdu
Length: 272 Digest Pages
Read over 10 days in 23 hours and 43 minutes in 9 sessions.

This is a famous story which was publishing monthly in a famous digest called suspense. I started reading at episode 30 and ended at episode 50 so safe to say I have read a good middle chunk. But good to read from the start now that it is available in the book form.

It is a story of a student called Rafeeq who gets a call from his home Pakistan that he should return as soon as possible because his luck has been split open.

After some complications he finally comes to Pakistan where he finds that a vast land has been kept behind for him by his ancestors. He takes control of the land and goes to visit it. There is a big mansion which is rusting away. Soon Rafeeq finds that the servants who work there are not fully honest and something suspicious is happening within the boundaries of his land.

He confronts his rival, Rana Rajab Ali whose land is next to his. Their rivalry starts.

A nice start of a long novel. Most of it was the history of the land, how it came to Rafeeq. At times you feel the story is being stretched but it is the skill of the author that he never lets you get bored. Just sometimes the story goes sidetracked but always comes back with a bang. Will look forward reading the next parts.


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