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439) Sex #1

Posted on: May 27, 2013

439) Sex #1

A new comic out. A man named Simon comes to his city and he is a kind of a mayor or something. He has a dark past though. It was pretty good actually. Not great but will keep reading it.


438) Batman And Robin #6: The Real Me

Looks like Damian has something good in him as he turns the tables and Bruce is trying to save his son.

437) Batman And Robin #5: Mutineer

Bruce recalls the true story of Morgan and how he faced him when he was training.

Nobody and Robin attack some men and at the end Nobody tells Robin to shoot the guy in the head.

436) Batman And Robin #4: Matter Of Trust

Batman and Robin escape Nobody’s trap and Bruce explains a story about who Nobody really is. At the end, Damian goes for a walk and Nobody talks to him. Lures him.

435) Batman And Robin #3: Knightmoves

Nobody comes into action. Bruce warns Damian not to go there but he does anyway so they get into trouble by Nobody.

434) Batgirl #8: No Darker Shadow

Batgirl finally defeats Grotesque and her mum tells her about her son and how he killed the cat with no emotion. Now he is back.


433) Batgirl #7: A View From Below 

A new guy called Grotesque comes into action and Batgirl keeps remembering her past and the gunshot which nearly killed her. Will she ever survive her past?


432) Batgirl #6: A House Made Of Spun Glass 

The conclusion to Gretel. Another victim. She ends up attacking Bruce but she gets trapped by Batman and Batgirl.


431) Batgirl #5: A Candy Full Of Spiders

This Gretel girl mind captures folks and uses them. At the end she uses Bruce Wayne to attack Batgirl.


430) Batgirl #4: An End To Dreams

The final showdown with Mirror. Batgirl finally lures him into a trap using his parents as a bait and defeats him.