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386) Batman #10: Assault On The Court

Posted on: May 5, 2013

386) Batman #10: Assault On The Court
The Fall Of The House Of Wayne 2/3

Read 5/5/13

Batman reaches the Court of the Owls to see every member dead on the dining table. This could mean one thing. Lincoln March (whom Batman went to rescue in Arkham) survived the Talon attack (or let’s put it he staged it) and made Batman come to this abandoned children’s hospital. There he meets Lincoln wearing a full upgraded Talon armour and Lincoln reveals that he was Bruce’s brother.

In our bonus story, we find that Martha was truly pregnant with a child and has been getting some threatening calls that she should meet some ‘friends’. Even Jarvis got the call and he sees an owl smash in the window and die. He tells Martha but she ignores and they go out anyway with little Bruce to see the grounds of the new hospital. The Talon follows them and he makes their car crash.


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