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Book – The Wheel of Time book 12: The Gathering Storm

Posted on: June 6, 2013

440) The Wheel of Time book 12: The Gathering Storm

Author : Robert Jordan

Date (I read) : 25.5.13 to 5.6.13

Length : 825 paperback pages

Duration: read in 35 hours 28 minutes over 11 sessions.


I finished this marvellous novel pretty quick. Why? Because it was so damn good. Every page of it. I mean it and it will be fun reviewing. And this is going to be a spoiler free review.

Well first of all nice red colour. I loved it. I wish there was some art in it as those American ones have but I like the red colour. The start was a bit slow for me. Mostly the prologue. You know how it drags. Yes. Rodel does his work and all that.

But chapter 1, it goes interesting as we take a tour of the world travelling with the wind. Some people say the events roll out too fast. Well in my opinion, it wasn’t fast because Brandon had focused on two major characters and those are Rand and Egwene. And boy did he work on them. I say Brandon has put his heart writing this. I so much enjoyed it. Even more than Jordan. I know I shouldn’t say this because it is Jordan’s creation but Brandon did a wonderful job. I’m so glad it got in the right hands. I’ll talk about it shortly.

So the story revolves around Rand trying to gather the forces of the world under a banner and kill any Forsaken if he meet them midway. His main mission is to unite the nations so his struggle continues. Then something happens in the middle and he changes completely. He becomes this icy cold man with no emotion. Even Nynaeve dare not speak to him. This particular part in the book was amazing.

But the most interesting was Egwene. Egwene, who I love the most. She is my favourite character out of the whole series. Her struggle and her passion to get the White Tower whole is so amazing. The character development is just superb. You just feel for her and then feel amazed at how much she is putting in it. A couple of specific moments will always stick in my head and in my imagination and I love that. That is Brandon’s trick. He gets the images in your head.

Now let us talk about Brandon Sanderson and his writing. I haven’t read any of his other books. I really loved his writing style. You just want to dive deep into it and it grabs you, make its way in your imagination and form these images which will stay forever. It is like you are watching a movie. I have to say that every chapter was epic in this book. Every single one of them. Even smallest events were written like very powerful and epic. Something Jordan lacked, I have to say.

Anyways this was a fun and quick read and I would rate this book 8 out of 10.


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