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Drama: Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Posted on: June 15, 2013


First of all, thumbs up to Sultana Aapa who directed this wonderful serial drama after a decade or two. What a beautiful comeback. This is a drama serial which will stand out from all others and shine like a diamond.

It was really interesting to watch. I don’t watch much dramas but when I went over to Pakistan in April for my brother’s wedding and went to in laws, I watched a couple of episodes of this drama and the acting seemed to be spectacular. I end up watching the whole episode with my sister in law who is crazy about dramas.

So the first thing which came into my mind after seeing Zarun (Fawad Khan) is Christian Grey. I think he would be a perfect Christian. He has that perfect businessman look and he speaks good English. Okay, now that is off my chest, I shall proceed reviewing this piece of gem.

Kashaf is a complicated girl with life full of difficulties. Her mother is divorced and they live alone and barely fulfill their expenses. Kashaf is somewhat of a complex. She is always moody and complains to God about how her life is miserable and how there are rich people who have to do nothing.

On the other hand, there is Zarun, who is from the rich sector of the city. He likes his music, his girlfriends and he is a flirt. He has nothing to worry about but he has his complexes.

The start is absolutely amazing. The way things are handled and the way relationships are handled is really good. Then the bitterness between Kashaf and Zarun and how it comes to an end and things go in a different way unexpectedly.

I would split this drama in three parts. Before marriage, through marriage, after marriage. The before marriage is the best and I would rate it 7/10.

The through marriage which is the bitter interaction between Zarun and Kashaf is handled pretty well and the drama dips low toward the boring side a little bit but there is enough fuel to keep the viewers entertained.

The after marriage bit is handled poorly in my opinion. Especially the romance bit. I admit the couple looks fantastic but there should be more interesting dialogue. Especially the first night what the hell was Zarun doing acting all weird. Like a lost puppet. That did not make sense and what is up with pulling and holding Kashaf’s hand all the time. These things plus the poor dialogue just made me feel like this drama is going to ruins but luckily the end everything gathered and once again it paced up and we see the beautiful climax to this amazing serial. I simply loved it. Overall I would rate this 7.5 out of 10.

The most important thing I learned from this is Shukr which is thankfulness. We should be thankful to God/Allah for whatever he gives us. Our every breath should be thanking him. He tests you and you have to pass in those. In your low times, you keep steadfast on your path facing all difficulties thinking it is test from Allah. I learned so much from Kashaf and so will you guys.

I highly recommend this drama.


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