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453) Batman #15: But Here’s The Kicker

Brilliant issue of comic. Batman escapes and in the bat cave he has a meeting with his ‘bat family’ and confesses that long ago Joker might have gotten inside the bat cave because Batman found a playing card inside the cave. But the system showed no sign of breach. Batman travels to Arkham Asylum hearing some disturbing reports. Joker is such evil. Even Batman fears him. You can feel the fear in his body language and the narrative.

In the back story, Joker is in Arkham Asylum and just freed Riddler and asks him to come to the big show he has prepared.

4 outta 5.


452) Batman #14: Funny Bones

Batman escapes the container which was filling with poison gas. Alfred is taken and Gordon is bleeding. Batman goes to the reservoir where he confronts Joker and Joker ties him up and talks to threaten his family and everybody who he has captured.

In a short story Joker makes a deal with Penguin.

Love the art and Joker is so crazy. You can feel real evil from him. 4/5.


451) All Star Western #9: Vengeance In The Big Easy

This was also the Night of the Owls issue. It was all a plan. Jonah attacks the boat with August 7 in it and Nighthawk and Cinnamon comes and they all fight. In other part of the city, Moody gets tracked down by a Talon and it kills him. Clearly a Night of the Owls thing.

Nighthawk and Cinnamon story was ok. Cinnamon finally gets revenge on her father’s killer.

450) All Star Western #8: The August 7

Well Dr. Arkham got Jonah into trouble. Jonah was doing just fine unravelling August 7 when Arkham got captured by police for smoking opium (don’t even ask.. The stupid doctor) and told everything. Jonah was going to blow a boat for August 7 to gain their trust but now it seems Jonah and Arkham both will be blowing with the boat. Thanks doc.

In the second story, Kate aka Cinnamon tells her story, how she was brought up and called Cinnamon because of her freckles. In the present day, the gang of cowboys shove Nighthawk and Cinnamon in a mine and they travel through coming through a wall to see two bodies lying on a raised up grave kinda thing. They had lockets in their necks. Nighthawk and Cinnamon take the lockets thinking they would be of powerful magic or something.

449) All Star Western #7: The Arena

A nice little comic. Jonah Hex arrives in New Orleans in pursuit of Moody who takes and kidnaps children for slave work. He ends up at the docks in the arena where he has to fight this beautiful young lady. She is deadly.

In the other story it’s about Nighthawk and Cinnamon and how he becomes a hero. The story about his father and his upbringing. Very nice and touching.

448) All Star Western #6: Beneath The Batcave

This one was a good one. Jonah Hex beats the giant Bat and the Indians arrive. They seem to be friendly now that the Bat has been killed. They let them get out. Jonah and doc climb up to see the Wayne Manor ahead.. What??? Jonah discovers that the missing boy’s father is the real criminal and he has been on the run. There are some owls there in the room when Jonah investigates the wife of the criminal. Yes, owls, gettit? Anyway Jonah is on a brand new search.

In the Barbary Ghost, she finally reaches Bo and shoots him. Good story.

447) All Star Western #5: Inside A Batcave

The kids escape and the captives of Jonah and Arkham decide to throw them in the fast currents of water. Luckily, they survive on a ledge and find their way climbing up just to confront a huge bat. What, a bat? Hmm

The other story is pretty good. The family members seek revenge and get killed one by one until the grandfather and granddaughter lives. She dresses up as a ghost to make the gang fear them.

446) All Star Western #4: In The Dark Underbelly Of Gotham

This one was a good one. Just as Jonah was leaving, he gets a call from a rich man to find his son. Jonah refuses first but then he offers fifty thousand and Hex is like ok. Soon he finds that a gang has been kidnapping kids and make them work underground in the sewers. So once again Jonah finds himself working with Arkham and they free the kids but the guy grabs Arkham and points gun at him and Jonah grinds his teeth. Pretty awesome stuff.

In the back story, we have a new story. The Barbary Ghost. A story of a Chinese family who migrates to the new wild west thinking they would open a business and they do, of gun powder. But the gangs are on them asking for protection money and the old man refuses and gets into shit.

445) All Star Western #3: Guns. Gore. Gotham

They kill the butcher (I think) and escape but got attacked again. The Bible of Crime is still behind them. Jonah decides to leave the city but he must get his three bounties.

In the back story. El Diabolo, while killing zombies, gets an arrow in him by Black River which tells him to go away. Black River blames him for wiping out the tribes. This is a weird story. Trying to figure out if it has any connection with Jonah Hex.

444) All Star Western #2: In Old Gotham… Cowls Of Evil

The skull organization send some men to kill Jonah but it was a piece of cake for Jonah to kill them. We see a good western shoot out. The both of them finally reaches the mansion of the organization where the butcher is about to slaughter police officer. Jonah has a fight with this bulky dude and now he is the one under the knife. Nice cliffhanger.

There is also a back story of this guy called El Diabolo… He comes into this zombie town and a family saves him and they all are in the basement. It was ok. Not bad.