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Book: The Wheel of Time book 13: Towers of Midnight

Posted on: July 9, 2013

441) The Wheel of Time book 13: Towers of Midnight

Author : Robert Jordan

Date (I read) : 5.6.13 to 5.7.13

Length : 941 paperback pages


Well, one step closer. Here we are. Just one more novel to go and it has been one hell of a journey. This novel is good but compare it to The Gathering Storm, it is somewhat lacking. Obviously the whole novel is a set up to the final novel, the final battle. I could not find fault in this novel except a little bit of dragging of Perrin’s storyline. Just the first half of it but it is all good in the second half where he kicks ass.

As we all know this novel is more about Perrin than anyone else. How he masters the wolf inside himself and how he slays his one enemy. But it doesn’t make you feel that way. It makes you feel that every character has done a little bit work here. Egwene makes a progress. Rand does something incredible which is my favourite moment of the novel. Galad gets a bit and I’m started to like him. Rodel Ituralde is the man I love in this novel. He seriously made me cry. And most of all how can we forget Mat, Thom and the other guy going to the tower to save Moiraine. The whole scene was emotional and intense.

It is a good novel overall. I really loved it. The good thing about this novel is everyone gets a bit and the characters develop as well as setting it up for the big finale. I said all the same things before too so I won’t bore you now.

I would rate this novel 8 out of 10.

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