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519) New X-Men #123: Testament X

Jean has to attend this conference to explain to the humans about their mission. They begin with a tour of the Mansion X when some Shiar soldiers crash in. Bloody Shi’aris.

518) Anari Part 4 of 9 by Ahmed Iqbal

271 pages

Read 30 and 31/8/2013


Rafeeq and Raja are very busy planning and plotting to free Dr Shehnaaz. They end up kidnapping Rana’s daughter (Gul) who was coming from London. Gul after knowing how cruel her father is decides to tell the court everything about her father’s crimes. Dr Shehnaaz comes back but Gul gets shot down (supposedly by her father). The welfare project inches forward a little bit but Faryal leaves and Noor Jahan is in trouble.

I had already read these episodes from suspense digest but it’s good to refresh the mind. Noor Jahan is an interesting character and I am looking forward to her.

517) New X-Men #122: Imperial

The X-Men have a meeting in regards to what is Nova and how to stop her. Smasher hits the earth warning she has come she has come but only cows can hear him.

516) Anari Part 3 of 9 by Ahmed Iqbal

Date I Read: 26/8/13 to 29/8/13

271 pages


As usual the plot thickens as Rafeeq gets himself involved and then as a result new enemies born. Well the old enemy just gets more wild. I’m talking about Rana.

I really enjoyed this part. It was pretty fast paced and lots of thing happen. Firstly Rafeeq gets blackmailed left right and centre because of his Uncle’s (sufi chacha) but he dies and that finishes. Then a lot happens regarding Shami Badshah. The whole Ghulam Muhammed and Shahab ud Deen story line gets solved.

Things get ugly between Faryal and Rafeeq and the reason is this one woman. Enter, Noor Jahan. She invites Rafeeq to spend nights with her and in return she gives him tips on what’s happening with his enemies.

And one person gets kidnapped and the struggle continues but problems come out of problems.

I’m starting to hate Faryal now too. She is way too possessive. The story shows and shines some light on the daaku (thieves) and ‘jarga’ system which still happens to be in place.

Rating would be 4 out of 5. It just keeps getting better.

515) New X-Men #121: Silence: Psychic Rescue In Operation

This was an interesting issue. All without words except the last page. Basically Jean and Emma enter the mind of Nova and Jean travels through her brain finding some clues and she comes to find that two babies fight in a womb. Then later she reveals that Xavier tried to kill his twin sister in the womb.

514) New X-Men #120: Germ Free Generation (3 of 3)

The thing which is controlling Scott and Emma is a brain called Martha. As the guard was about to cut off Cyclops head to get his organs, Emma gets up and smashes Martha right through. Meanwhile Jean defends the school by becoming just a little percent of Phoenix. I’m sure it was the Phoenix. Logan comes with Angel. In the end Beast reveals that miss Nova is actually in the head of Professor. Back to Nova.

513) New X-Men #119: Germ Free Generation (2 of 3)

Wolverine meets the new mutant called Angel who has wings and she spits acid. Meanwhile Cyclops and Emma and captured by the organ smuggling gang and now they have just raided the X Mansion.

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