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500) The Uncanny X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga #125 to 137

Posted on: August 17, 2013

500) The Uncanny X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga #125 to 137

Date I read: August 2013

Isbn: 1-904419-92-5

Pages: 257 (pocket book)

For my 500th entry I would like to bring one of the most epic chapters in the history of X Men. Read on as you unfold the power of an evil force. This is Phoenix. This is Dark Phoenix.

X Men #125: There’s Something Awful On Muir Island
Something strange is happening on Muir Island where Lorna experiments on Jean but there is a mysterious guy on board and he is corrupting Jean. When Scott calls to see if everything is OK he only hears Lorna’s screams.

X Men #126: How Sharper Than A Serpent’s Tooth
The X Men arrive at the island but Moira tells them that Mutant X has escaped. Proteus has escaped. He is changing bodies going to the mainland of Scotland.

X Men #127: The Quality Of Hatred
Proteus is headed to Edinburgh and he is after Moira. Edinburgh! Yes please.

X Men #128: The Action Of The Tiger
Proteus, holding Moira hostage, bends the reality in Edinburgh and the X Men are scattered. Finally Phoenix comes out and destroys Proteus. Brilliant.

X Men #129: God Spare The Child
The Hellfire Club is into action and the White Queen is Emma Frost, a powerful telepath. Xavier spots two mutants and one of them is Kitty Pryde. Xavier and three X Men go to her in Chicago but Emma is on it. She captures the X Men but Kitty phases out from a wall and now she is in the Hellfire Club basement unnoticed.

X Men #130: Dazzler
I really enjoyed this comic. It tells the story about Cyclops, Jean and Nightcrawler and their adventure to find the other new spotted X Men and it turns out to be Dazzler who emits light. But Hellfire Club has other plans. Nightcrawler receives a phone call in the car from Kitty that the other X Men are trapped. Now they are off to Chicago after defeating the Hellfire Club robots.

X Men #131: Run For Your Life
They get in the headquarters and fight. Jean fights the White Queen becoming the forces which is called Phoenix.

X Men 132: And Hellfire Is Their Name!
The X Men stay at Angel’s house for a while and Scott tells Angel all what happened. Angel says he has access to Hellfire Club as he is a member. So the whole team gets ready under guise and goes to a Hellfire Club party. Things turn ugly and X Men gets defeated by Shaw, Pierce and Wyngarde (members of the Hellfire Club). Only Wolverine survives floating in the sewer water (they think he’s dead down the sewer but he aint) so next is Wolverine… Alone. Brilliant stuff. Love it.

X Men #133: Wolverine: Alone
Wolverine fights his way through guards. Meanwhile Cyclops sword fights with Mastermind on Astral Plane created by Mastermind himself. Jean is completely under Mastermind’s control and she is the Black Queen.

X Men #134: Too Late, The Heroes
Jean is free of Mastermind’s control and she frees Cyclops and others. The X Men beat the Hellfire Club. Jean beats Mastermind draining him. She is losing control of her powers. She is becoming something evil. When the X Men escape on their plane, Jean can take it no longer and she erupts being a powerful entity called Dark Phoenix.

X Men #135: Dark Phoenix
We witness the raw power of Phoenix as she defeats the X Men and travels to space and destroys a G type star. A Shiar ship attracts attention and it fires at her. Phoenix destroys the ship in a blink of an eye. Back at earth, sad Scott jerks up and tells that she is coming for earth and she is very hungry.

X Men #136: Child Of Light And Darkness
This issue was just superb. The Shiar holds a meeting finalising in destroying the Phoenix. Meanwhile Jean (Phoenix) pays her parents a visit and things turn ugly. X Men try to contain Phoenix there but they fail. Cyclops tries emotionally and he sees Jean somewhere inside fighting the Phoenix force. This gives Professor X a chance to mind blast Phoenix but she becomes alert and goes haywire (the best part). Finally the Phoenix leaves Jean (apparently). All is well when suddenly they all get teleported somewhere. Jean’s parents are left shocked as the X Men disappear. But where have they disappeared to? We will find out in the next double sized issue. The Fate Of The Phoenix.

X Men #137: The Fate Of The Phoenix
The Shiar kingdom’s queen Lilandra (who is also the lover of Charles Xavier) tells the X Men that Phoenix aka Jean must die. Cyclops doesn’t agree. So Xavier asks for a duel. The X Men and Shiar soldier fight on the moon. Mostly it was Shiar who was winning until Phoenix came back inside Jean and Jean realised that she has no choice. Despite Cyclops talking it through with her, she burns herself sacrificing herself because nobody knew what kind of destruction she would cause if she stayed alive.

Overall I loved this saga. The Proteus then the Hellfire Club then the Phoenix Saga, they were all were written. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would give this whole book a 4.5 out of 5.


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