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502) The Uncanny X-Men: Rogue Storm

Posted on: August 20, 2013

502) The Uncanny X-Men: Rogue Storm

Collecting #144-150

Date I Read: 19/8/13

ISBN: 1-905239-53-X

Pages: 185 (pocket book)

The Uncanny X-Men #144: Even In Death
This was a weird issue involving Cyclops and the girl he begins to like. Her dad murders himself and becomes this evil demon. He invites Lee to his home and Scott goes as well. Arriving they find that her dad is actually a demon. The demon captures both and wraps the reality around them. Scott sees his past but he fights the urge. Suddenly this swamp monster comes who is the enemy of the demon and it kills the demon. Cyclops and Lee escape.

The Uncanny X-Men #145: Kidnapped
Storm gets a visit by Miss Locke who tells her that she has kidnapped some relatives of X-Men and she will release them only on the condition that the X-Men release Arcade from Doom’s hands. So Xavier calls every X Men and a team goes to Doom’s castle led by Storm. There, Doom has dinner with Storm while the X-Men fight to save Arcade. But they could not fight Arcade. Then Storm finds Arcade is actually on Doom’s side. She attacks Doom who turns her into chrome. The X-Men burst in but they are no match for Doom.

The Uncanny X-Men #146: Murderworld!
This tells the story of the other group of X-Men. They went to Murderworld to rescue the hostages. Once inside, they are plunged into individual ordeals but they finally come out successful rescuing everyone. In upstate, the statue of Storm is causing a big bad ass weather around the eastern strip.

The Uncanny X-Men #147: Rogue Storm
Finally the X-Men, who were captured by Doom, escape the ordeals and by now the hurricane called by Storm was so fierce and it looked like she had an unlimited fierce power. In the end, it got calmed down and things closed with Doom on good notes.

The Uncanny X-Men #148: Cry, Mutant
Lee and Cyclops, stranded on an Island, discover a huge city or a temple. Meanwhile this guy called Caliban attacks Kitty and Storm and they deal with this weird guy. Soon Lee and Cyclops find themselves face to face with the host of the place and boy can you guess who is he? Yes, Magneto.

The Uncanny X-Men #149: And The Dead Shall Bury The Living
Professor X who is wary that Magneto will strike soon anytime sends the X-Men on a scouting mission to the old base of Magneto. Kitty comes aswell hiding in the bunker. They find the facility empty which is buried under a volcano. Except one monster called Garrock who had survived when X-Men fought back but this monster was thrown in the lava. He comes back and haunts Storm but they manage to defeat him by Kitty’s help. Meanwhile Magneto welcomes Cyclops into his realm, coldly and warmly.

The Uncanny X-Men #150: I, Magneto
Once again Magneto comes into the limelight by revealing his plan for world dominance. And this time X-Men manage to break him not just physically but mentally and emotionally aswell.

I really liked this issue. I am beginning to like Storm. Her powers and her personality is awesome.


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