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There are films then there are super films and this beats any expectations. I loved it that much. Directed by Abhishek Kapoor, it tells a story of three best friends and their ambitions and goals and the goals are doable but the problem is the things or events that happen around them which makes them make decisions. Three of them friends are different. One is a politician’s son and one is a book worm. The third is good for nothing but they save up money to open a sports shop and they also gave cricket coaching which is one theme of the movie. The other theme is obviously politics and that builds up too simultaneously.

The movie highlights some of the violence of Gujrat between Hindu and Muslims in 2002 and that has been pictured really well. The build up to it is actually terrifying. Although it is not violent at all, it is scary. And the tragedy at the end left me with watery eyes.

Why did it make me so sad? Because the characters were well thought out and written. All the actors did a superb job of portraying them. I really liked Amrita Puri and how she plays like a seductive doll. She’s just so cute and her acting is brilliant.

This movie is so good and a must watch and you don’t have to be a cricket fan to enjoy it. There’s more on offer here. Rating. I would rate this 8.5.

One thing is for certain. I am so picky with my shoes. I shop and shop and finally after a long time (months) I have or rather my wife decided to buy these shoes. My old shoes are a mess. Just a piece of rotten leather with cracks and creaks. So I bought these.


I paid 88 pounds for them at Tiso. Tiso is a pretty expensive shop to shop at. On the net you can probably get them cheaper but they are waterproof and comfortable at the same time. The combination of black and green is brilliant. My son loves green and he has similar coloured Ben 10 ones like mines. I’m hoping these will last me over a year. Hopefully.

Heard and seen a lot about this on the TV and I really wanted to watch it. I stopped watching Indian movies because of the lack of quality. All the Akshay Kumar funny films era was just so terrible it put me off. So this looked good and I like Arjun Rampal so I thought I would give it a go.

Directed by Sudhir Mishra, this is a story about sexual harassment among colleagues in the workplace. But there is always a story behind it and after seeing it all it all makes sense. Rahul is a top person working in an ad agency and he spots Maya who is ambitious and keen. They both have a little relationship which gets broken by jealousy. Still as a work colleague Rahul trains her hard and she gets a job of Creative Manager and in her high fly she kind of ignores Rahul which bugs him and he starts annoying her sometimes hinting and taunting back to their sexual relationship. Maya gets frustrated and she files a complaint of sexual harassment.

But that’s Maya’s side of the story. Rahul has his story to tell and this little mystery gets deeper and deeper.

It was pretty intense and engaging film. I love the music and how it fits in through the scenes. Also the very first line of the film that ‘Jis cheez par tumhara haq ho na to wo tum cheen liyo’ has been loosely relative. Depends how deep you think into it but it all blends into one nice and well directed story.

Arjun Rampal and Chitrangda Singh have some amazing chemistry between them and I really enjoyed their acting. I mean they are such good actors that even their eyes speak to each other when they look at each other and there is some kind of unusual electricity there.

I really enjoyed it and I would rate it 6.5 stars. Well done.

559) X-Men #157: Day Of An Atom (1 of 4)

After Morrison’s New X-Men, Chuck Austen takes over the title and names it X-Men.

New mutants are enrolling in the school and Scott us busy with all of it. Alex Summers is in charge of one of the teams and Emma sends them to China for a mission. Iceman and the other team members (Rogue and Gambit) aren’t really happy with Alex as the leader. They are just arguing about stuff. Healthy arguing though.

Ice Man and team has been sent on a mission to China where they find a body of imprisoned Xorn. What the hell happened? I’m interested to know as I like Xorn.

558) Uncanny X-Men #449: To slay A Queen

The Murderworld was fake and Sage was actually Wolverine. He was using an image inducer. They gather at London Eye where Viper says there is no Queen but a bomb strapped at the top. The X-Men get rid of the bomb.

557) Uncanny X-Men #448: Guess Who’s Back In Town?

Viper. She kidnaps the queen of Britain and thrusts the X-Men in Murderworld. She is after Sage in particular.

556) Uncanny X-Men #447: The End Of History (4 of 4) Hell Hath No Fury

What an issue. Loved it. 5 Stars. The X-Men travel to Britain to defeat this monster called Fury which adapts to the powers but Sage manages to take out his processing chip which makes him vulnerable for a bit while Rachel uses her powers to open a black hole but Fury resists and the rest of the X-Men lend her powers with Sage being a catalyst. And eventually Fury disappears. Brilliant conclusion.

555) Uncanny X-Men #446: The End Of History (3 of 4) Burning Sage

The monster takes over Sage in the X Mansion using the special glasses from which Sage operates her data. She goes haywire in the mansion. Storm, Crawler and Wolverine try their best to stop her and eventually Sage destroys it using her will power. The robot’s name is The Fury and he is deadly.

554) Uncanny X-Men #445: The End Of History (2 of 4) Death And The Maiden

Wolverine and Nightcrawler are unable to save the mutant. He was going to blow himself up and Wolverine had to put him down because it was too late. A team of three dispatches to Great Britain to Brian’s mansion. They find it empty. Going in they find the cave system underneath the mansion and there is a robot there. It attacks them and defeats them.

553) Uncanny X-Men #444: The End Of History (1 of 4)

Written by Chris Claremont, this is the reload (a mild reboot) of the series. He introduces the team and their mission is in the Sahara desert fighting some terrorists. Pretty good stuff. Loved it.