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Drama: The Vampire Diaries (Season 1)

Posted on: October 1, 2013

Drama: The Vampire Diaries (Season 1)


Watched: Sep 2013

I was just on Twitter and people were talking about Breaking Bad and all that. This one girl was confused as in what to watch and I talked to her and she recommended Vampire Diaries to me. I was like Ok I like Vampires. My sister was like nooo don’t watch it because it’s for teenage girls. I kind of ignored her and didn’t regret it. Sorry sister.

This quiet little town called Mystic Falls looks normal but it has secrets. Stefan is a 160 year old vampire who comes back to his home town looking for a normal life. He doesn’t drink human blood thus considers himself a good vampire. He falls in love with a girl called Elena who is mysteriously haunted by strange things. Soon she finds out that Stefan has an evil brother who is hunting down Elena. Why? The story spins back to 1864 when Stefan and his brother were two innocent little teenagers and things go wrong.

I have to say that this is the best vampire thing I have seen. Acting wise and story wise, this was so good. The storyline is just brilliant. I have to say that the first couple of episodes were poorly written. But when the superb storyline takes over, you forget it all. Especially when things go back to 1864.

There is quite a bit of romance throughout the season. Lots of relationship ups and downs. Lots of characters who play a vital role through the season. Elena loses her father and mother. She has a brother who is absolutely traumatised by his parent’s death. There’s also other vampires too who come up. Some good some bad. There is also witches who are superior to vampires. I wish they showed a bit more about witches but maybe they will do in the future seasons.

The actor who plays Elena (Nina Dobrev) is cute and she blends in well with Stefan and the whole vampire thing. She also plays another character through the second half of the season. I won’t spoil much now. Ian Somerhalder plays Damon, Stefan’s brother who is kinda negative and positive mix. He is quite a complicated character and as usual he plays it brilliant.

The season leaves us with two big cliffhangers. One I can’t tell and the other one is that Stefan and his brother Damon learn that there are other supernatural entities other than vampires.

I would rate this 8/10 for the brilliant storyline and acting.

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