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Drama: Breaking Bad (Season 1)

Posted on: October 6, 2013


I just can’t tell you about the hype the last season of Breaking Bad has caused (that’s season 5) and it has got a rating of 9.5 which is really good. It actually makes it one of the best drama series ever made.

The word ‘crime drama’ makes me not want to watch. I don’t like crime drama. When I see it, I think about ’24’ or csi or something. But I thought I would give it a go.

It was a brilliant start though. Chemistry is one of the most boring subjects ever for me but this made it all seem fun. Walt is a chemistry teacher and he finds out he has a lung cancer. Something snaps in him and he starts acting like crazy. Crazy as in not the loud ass crazy but cool and calm motherfucking kind of crazy. You know what I mean?

Right from the beginning, you feel you are watching the end of Breaking Bad but it isn’t. The way all the things unfold is amazing. The storyline is just 10/10 and the cliffhangers are there adding a bit of spice.

Another thing is it is beautifully written and some scenes are quite disturbing and bizarre. It is adult themed, mainly drugs which is handled quite well and somehow encouraged too but still I wouldn’t advise young people watching this at all.

I thought I would never like it but after watching season one I realize that this is one of those dramas which made a personal connection with myself. Maybe it is because the characters are so well written you just get attached to them right from the start.

Some of the scenes were really emotional and disturbing and I have two which are my favourites. One is where they have a family talk. The talking pillow scene is just so good. I loved every bit of it although it was sad. Another is the killing of crazy eight. I mean that scene would probably be the most psychologically disturbing scene ever.

Bryan does a great job in playing Walt. He doesn’t let you feel that he is acting. He is Walt and he plays it superbly.

This deserves a 9 out of 10 straight away. Totally watch this if you have a hard heart because there are bumps. Oh yes.

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