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American Gangster (2007)

A black gangster rose in New York in the 70s becoming a notorious drug lord by smuggling cocaine directly from the supplier in South east Asia. It is the story of Frank Lucas and he is portrayed by Denzel Washington in this film.

What an amazing movie. I’m a big fan of Denzel and he is superb in every character he is given. He is notorious, he is lethal, he is a mastermind. But an honest cop, Ritchie played by Russell Crowe, takes the hard route and vows to crack this drug lord down.

The film takes its time building up. You see a mixture of Ritchie and Frank as they progress through the movie. Denzel is awesome as always. Russell is average. You get that 70s feeling for sure because you see a lot of news and political references throughout the movie.

It is a long movie and a bit slow at that but my mind is take your time but keep us feeding throughout. There is a steadiness you can see in the film. Keeps us entertained, yup.

Ritchie could not make a breakthrough because never in his mind he knew that a black guy would rise up to be a gangster. I mean those years it was the Italians who ruled the drug business. But eventually he got a clue and let’s just say it was a woman (I’m talking indirectly).

Brilliant film, nice music and setting. Nice acting and overall a superb execution. 8/10.

The Vampire Diaries season 3

Season 3 is superb. There is a lot of story behind it. Especially the story of the Originals and how they became cursed and how they are connected to the hybrid and werewolves.

Again I would split the season in two bits. First half of it deals with Stefan and his ripper personality of the 20s. This gives us some insight about Stefan and how he would go on a binge drinking spree and killing folks. And side by side we see the friendship between Klaus and Stefan in the 20s.

The second half tells us the Original story behind the Originals. Tells us about their mother and father and how they cursed the vampires and werewolves. Then things heat up and the season wraps up with an amazing finale.

The fact Stefan was in the first half alone made me feel connected with the story. After that, it drags on a little bit until Michael comes who says he can kill the Originals. Really good and then we have the superb ending which requires a review of its own. I loved the ending. It was so epic and sad.

I’m gonna rate this 8 out of 10 just because it was rich in back story plus the ending. Stefan is my favourite character.



Trishna is a wise village girl who is the provider of her poor family since her dad had an accident. A strange man meets her and offers her a job which she takes. Then things go right and wrong at the same time and both plunge into a relationship from which they cannot come out.

This is a very hard film to review. Maybe because I didn’t really get it but it is based on a 1891 novel called Tess of the D’Urbervilles. The director just changed the setting to India.

The problem with Trishna is she is quite innocent (I think submissive is the right word here) and she doesn’t really think on her own. So this stranger, Jay, takes her to work in his hotel, then they move to Mumbai even though Trishna has good work. Her sense of decision making is completely zero.

But things turn really ugly. Jay starts to use her wrongly and she is forced to take a step which takes you unexpectedly.

The film is very hard to understand. Mainly because it didn’t develop very well like it should be. Half way through the film and you have no idea where the film is going. At the end, it turns very sexual and disturbing and it all happens very sudden. And then the ending. It is intense.

After watching it, there is an emptiness inside you and you feel sad. Your brain tries to figure out what happened and you just don’t get it. Maybe it’s a cue that you have to watch it again and watch I will.

6/10 for the nice camera work and story. The acting was average from Riz Ahmed as Jay and Freida Pinto as Trishna.

I wasn’t going to write this review until I read Tess of the D’Urbervilles but the novel is one of its kind. It’s brilliant and I’m half way through.


Thor: The Dark World

I went to see this in cinema and I wasn’t really looking forward to seeing it as I’m not a big fan of Thor. Even though I liked the first film and not because of Loki. It was because it had some kind of story to it.

The Dark World lacked that. And it also lacked character development. Things once again start with Loki and finish with Loki leaving us with an unsatisfied ending (I’m talking about the twist. It was so stupid).

When the trailer came out, I was like oh no Loki again. But his acting was good out of all of them. Thor and the rest was just average. The part where Thor’s mother defends herself was probably the best part out of the whole film.

All that Lokiness and then throw a bit of crap alien invasion for the story and you have a very unsatisfied film. Should have stick to one thing.


And the post credits scene. Didn’t really make sense. What the hell is going on?


I bought this today. Fitbit is a pedometer which measures your distance, steps and calorie intake. It also measures your sleep efficiency and restlessness. It syncs to the PC and to the Fitbit website. I only just bought it and will do a full review in a while. It is good so far.


Breaking Bad Season 5

All good things come to an end and what a #BreakingBadMarathon it was. I’m not happy it is finished but at the same time I feel empty yet satisfied with the ending.

As we know Walt has taken things in his own hand and the guy plans everything all too well. He has a group of dangerous hillbillies working for him. He accomplishes it all but it all comes with a price.

I’m not going to spoil things for you but I think the second half of the season was just superb. The first half was a bit boring. There was a kind of uncomfortable sadness around and the characters were thrown into situations. Some characters die too (not gonna name which ones). There was one death which was pretty sad and emotional. Can you guess which one? I’m sure you can.

The end episodes and the follow up episodes are amazing. I mean just imagine the tension building up through the four seasons and the whole tension has to release and in result you get the last 4 amazing episodes. Worth the watch.

I still like the first two seasons of this drama. The character development is great. The last seasons (especially the 5th)is very dark in tone and I don’t like that but the great acting and storyline backs it up making it one of the greatest shows in this time. And it got an award too.

Overall I would give this drama 9 out of 10 and I would not recommend this to everyone. Personally, I don’t take drugs so some parts were pretty disturbing for me especially the Jesse and Jane part where they use needles. Also there are murders happening ruthlessly and it is very very disturbing. So hold your hearts.

Lastly I would like to tell you my top 3 favorite scenes in the entire series. I did a lot of thinking on what makes a favorite scene in my taste. I think I like the suspense factor more and base my favourites on that usually. 2 out of 3 below are based on suspense.

At number 3 it is when Holly comes in the world. Holly is the daughter of Walt and Skyler and when Skyler goes into labour, Walt is busy securing a million dollar deal which he has to get it in one hour. He gets a phone call from Skyler at the same time and he just sits down holding his head in one head saying no no no. That was a good bit.

At 2, we have this disturbing scene of the guy who is neck chained to a pole with a bike lock. Walt was meant to kill him but he couldn’t. They talk to each other for a long time (a big chunk of the episode). And then Walt had to kill him by pulling the lock back and choking him. I find all that build up between them then suddenly Walt killing him very disturbing.

Finally at number 1, the RIP RV episode was my favourite. I don’t want to spoil this one because it is just so good. There is a lot of suspense here and it makes you jump up to the edge of your seat then back. Makes you forget your breath also.

That’s it for me. Next year they are releasing a Breaking Bad spinoff and it is called Better Call Saul. It will be a comedy prequel kind of thing and will feature more of our favourite Saul Goodman. Please leave a comment down below. I would appreciate it.



Okay, finally I have watched it after a long time starting. I left the ending and came back in three weeks to finish it. It is a B grade film. Low budget and for the adult audience so expect some rude words.

It is about a school boy, Sahil, who falls in love with a summer teacher. Falling in love is a wrong term here although it is implied in the film. He falls in lust with her and confuses lust with love. The teacher, Anita, is a smart one and she is quite sensible and tells him this is wrong. In the end, they end up in good and bad terms. I won’t spoil much.

Anita is of course played by Poonam Pandey, a sex goddess in the industry. Her acting was average in this film. She looks good until she opens her mouth. I do not find her voice sexy at all. That’s my opinion. I wouldn’t mind a silent sexy film.

There are so many flaws in this film. Story wise and shooting wise. Hell, even at one point you could see the shadow of the cameras and the production team. Very poor editing.

Sahil spends half of his team running like a maniac. He is a confused kid. More confused after watching his new sexy teacher jogging around the area in small shorts. Sahil is a regular masturbator and he has a girlfriend. Yet he still falls in love with Anita. Correction, he lusts her. This is not a love story. It is misleading and wrong.

There are good bits in the film too. Things take a complicated turn when Anita’s boyfriend shows up and he teases Sahil for loving his girlfriend. His acting is good and eventually he exits the story making a way for Sahil to get to Anita.

Another good bit is the candle one and the slipping of the white sheet. Here I have to say the music in this film is superb. I love how it makes a scene very dramatic especially the candle one where Poonam Pandey (thanking the director) never speaks. I love that.

Overall I like the film once you ignore the obvious editing flaws and the fact that it is a lust story wrapped in a concept of love story. Actually the very last message of Anita is this in simpler words: ‘It was a nice fuck. See you again’. Finally Sahil goes back to his friends and his girlfriend who accepts him and he goes back to his usual trying-unsuccessfully-to-rip-a-condom-packet. Was it all a lovely dream? I rate it 4/10.

The promotion and the trailer of this film put the impression that Poonam Pandey is going to play a role of a seductress but oh how wrong it is.

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