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617) Hawkeye #3: Cherry

Man I enjoyed reading this issue. So much fun. It was as if you are watching a movie car chase.

The tracksuit Russians are still after this red headed girl and Clint and Kate take a ride in her 1970 car with the Russians behind them in minis and we see an amazing and fun car chase. And the arrows Hawkeye throws. Just hilarious.

I would give this 9/10.


616) Deadpool #3

Deadpool gets Dr. Strange’s help and he has his sword enchanted with a spell that can send the dead back to where they belong and Wade does that exactly.

It was a nice issue but I’m still getting into it. 4/10.


615) The Superior Spider-Man #9: Troubled Mind Part Three: Gray Matters

Otto detects Peter in his memories and using a scanner he accesses his memory fully and they both have a fight. Finally Otto buries Parker’s ghost under the rubble and now he is free to be the Superior Spider-Man.

614) The Superior Spider-Man #8: Troubled Mind Part Two: Proof Positive

Otto gets rid of the Avengers because they couldn’t find a fault in the reading. Only Otto spotted them.

He fights Cardiac again to have the magic helmet. He finds the little girl in the hospital waiting to have surgery and Otto finds out it is because of him she is there. Feeling sympathetic he himself performs surgery and asks for the neuro helmet politely and gets it.

Now he finds out that there is a little trace of Peter Parker in his mind and now he is onto removing that. Interesting.

613) The Superior Spider-Man #7: Troubled Mind Part One: Right Hand Man

Spider-Man nearly kills this guy called Cardiac who was stealing some thing to save a baby in a hospital but Otto stops him and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t give up.

And finally Avengers show up and demand an explanation but Spidey doesn’t listen and now it’s kinda like Avengers vs Spidey.

612) The Superior Spider-Man #6: Joking Hazard

This was an awesome read. Screwball and Jester are pulling off jokes on people for their live feed (they even pulled one on the police guy) and people over the Internet watch and enjoy it.

Spider-Man is onto them and they see it as an opportunity so they paint smash Spidey but Spidey gets furious and really beats the crap out of them making them bleed heavily.

Avengers are even watching this suspicious of his work and now they are gonna interfere. Great read. 8/10.

611) The Superior Spider-Man #5: Emotional Triggers

Massacre is at it again. Holding hostages and killing people.

Spider-Man arrives at the Grand Central where Massacre is holding people and they have a fight. Finally Spidey puts a gun to his head and shoots while Parker’s ghost screaming nooooo.

The story is going in just the right way. I love it. 7/10.