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595) Amazing X-Men #4

Posted on: February 21, 2014

595) Amazing X-Men #4

OMG what an issue. The relationship between Kurt and Logan is brilliant and the most when Kurt hugs the dying Wolverine is just epic. I mean I have seen emotions of Logan toward Kurt, the love for him. When Kurt died back during Second Coming, Logan was the most emotionally hurt. I’ve seen him carry the piano to a church across land. That was an amazing issue (I can’t remember which one though).

After Nightcrawler rescues Beast and Storm he goes on to rescue Iceman and Firestar then on to Wolverine and Northstar.

Now the fleet of Azazel is near and the X-Men must get themselves ready for the final battle under the captaincy of Captain Kurt Wagner.


1 Response to "595) Amazing X-Men #4"

Nightcrawler, I have always maintained for years and years, is the best X-Men character. The most endearing and sympathetic; and just the damn coolest.

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