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X-Men week is over

Posted on: February 23, 2014

Hello guys and girls. How are you all doing? It was a mega busy week reading just only X-Men as I had a lot of catching up to do. Normally I read X-Men only and Batman but now I want to read more stuff. X-Factor and X-Force I haven’t touched at all (new series started recently anyway). But I will start them next time around when X-Men week comes. If you are a new reader then this is for you too if you want to start reading.

Well, I read Battle of the Atom story arc (celebrating 50 years of X-Men) as you know and it was just pure amazing. I loved it. Initially I wasn’t a fan of the idea of the Original X-Men coming from the past and I really though they would go back after Battle of the Atom event but nope, I guess they are here to stay. It sucks but really I like the idea that they moved to Uncanny group and got new costumes and they are doing their own stuff with Kitty as their mentor kinda.

X-Men vol 4 was a bit disappointing. I’m not a big Jubilee fan but the Areka story arc I would like give 6/10. I really like how Areka is still going on with the ghosts bit. That’s cool. That would make me read more.

Uncanny X-Men. Let me make it clear, if it wasn’t for Emma Frost I wouldn’t pick this title. Only reading it because of her. Don’t give a shit about Cyclops. Emma Frost is awesome plus Magik and all the new team members. Art is horrible. Dislike Bachalo art. Now I think Magneto is leaving too having his own title. Sucks.

Wolverine and the X-Men, we all love. Love how it got back to its craziness. It’s a very good title if you are sick of action and want something more relaxed. I would really recommend the Toad issue (#41 I think). Pure amazing. Makes me love Toad. I think I said that right lol (who loves Toad?)

And lastly (saved it for the best) you have the new series by Jason Aaron called Amazing X-Men. This is good quality stuff. First of all, we see our beloved Nightcrawler who is in heaven but then the X-Men get ported to heaven and hell and they have to beat Azazel. I would definitely tell you to start reading this. Such a lovely title.

So that’s my X-Men week finish and I am pretty much up to date with it. Next week I am gonna read the non X-Men Marvel stuff. Like Deadpool, Thor, probably start Hawkeye. I’ll start the ones which I have in my collection which I haven’t read. So I will see you all next Sunday. Bye.

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