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621) Batman #21: Zero Year

Start of the Zero Year. A bit dull for me. Bruce is back and he is using masks to hide his identity and at the same time fighting crime. Red hood is out there growing and he needs to stop them.


620) Batman #20: Nowhere Man (Part 2 of 2)

Didn’t much enjoy this but they manage to kill Clayface in some weird way.

The second story with Superman was a good one. Superman came to comfort talk to Batman about Damian and they kill the will o wisp and that’s it. Kinda enjoyed that.


619) Batman #19: Nowhere Man

Story about Clayface and Batman finds out that everytime he is changing forms he is losing his own identity. Finally Clayface gets Bruce and that explains the first bit where Bruce raids a bank. It was good.

Ghost Lights 1 of 2
Batman and Superman investigate this supernatural phenomena under the tunnels and they find out some black magic shit.


618) Hawkeye #4: The Tape 1 of 2

The Tape has been stolen from SHIELD in which there is evidence of Hawkeye assassinating someone. So SHIELD sends Clint to Madripoor to find the tape and he does but gets kidnapped.

The woman (don’t know who she is) takes the tape and sends it for auction and she buys it too for one billion (don’t understand). I guess we will know everything in part 2.