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We normally watch the superhero movies in the cinema. So I decided to go and watch this as it had been a while. I knew what to expect from this one though. Tons of space battles and stuff which I’m not a big fan of. The only other space film I watched in the cinema was Star Trek: The wrath of Khan and Star Wars: Episode I back in 2001.

As I said I am not very much a fan of space battles yet I seem to like them too somehow. Because this film brought back my childhood memories when we used to watch Star Trek on the TV all the time. I guess I am a confused soul when it comes to space films. Like them or not?

First of all, the film is filled with 80s music which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Star Trek (2013) was filled with classical music which was pretty much OK with me but still sounded a bit out of place. The music is good but probably good for those people who listened to it back in the day. This really explained why there were 40 to 45 olds in the house. So really you had to be a late 70s  baby to get the music. Unless you’re just into the music anyway. Anyway, moving on.

Let me just quickly go through the story because it is not very much impressive. Peter Quill steals an orb which he wants to sell but the orb is special and some forces are behind it, seeking it. Ronan the accuser and Thanos are interested. The whole film revolves around this stone which is very powerful and could destroy the whole galaxy.

The story is a bit lame but what make this movie is the characters. It is the characters who you fall in love with. We have a lot of characters here. Peter Quill, Gamora, Rocket, Drax, Groot, Yondu and even Ronan if you are a fan of him.

Every character gets enough screen time and you simply fall in love with them. The comedy was just near perfect. There were quite a few laugh out loud moments which made me laugh too, I’m surprised. The romance between Peter and Gamora is just perfect. There is a part where Peter gets close to Gamora and they begin to dance. I just loved that. I love Zoe Saldana and the way she portrayed Gamora, she gets 10/10. It is because of her I came to watch the film. In the end I will list my top five characters/moments.

The action was good. The space battles were really good. You know what is going on and who is who. Yondu and his arrow rocked. And I mean really rocked. He had so much less screen time but he was awesome. The least appealing character to me was Peter Quill himself. I know it sounds weird but I didn’t much like him. I think Rocket, Gamora and Groot literally stole the show.

I would rate this movie 8/10 if you can get past the 80s music. It was alright. I don’t mind. Now for my top five characters/moments. Starting from the bottom:

5)Groot: He was awesome. Innocent yet somehow clever too. I loved the end bit especially. Such a nice scene (no spoilers) it made my insides move with emotion.

4) Rocket’s comedy. Really he was the star of the movie. Keeping the movie alive with his talking and yapping. Missed him at the end but he played his role alright.

3) Yondu: This bad ass space pirate got less screen time but he rocked it man. Especially with his arrow and whistle and that bad ass accent, he’s at number 3.

2) Gamora played by Zoe Saldana: I love Zoe. Loved her in Star Trek and she came back. I already tweeted that she is made for superhero movies. She is a superb actress and I’m really a big fan of her. One of the scenes in this movie was a romantic situation between her and Peter. And the way she looked with her purple streaked hair, just perfect. The romance was well shown but a kiss at the end would have been lovely. Or did they kiss? I didn’t catch it.

1: You can guess. Go on. Yes, it is Thanos himself. He gets a little cameo and let me tell you, he fucking rocks it. He is such a motherfucker sitting on that seat. He owned that scene. It is a shame you only get to see him only once. Ronan is a pussy compared to Thanos. We want to see more of Thanos.

This movie was certainly better than the likes of Thor 2(I didn’t like that one). It was just almost perfect. 8/10, yo.


Just a little warning that this post contains some sexual themes. Only read if you are OK with it.

628) Kissxsis: Volume 6 (Chapters 30-35)

30th kiss: An Unpredictable Relationship This is a small chapter about Mikuni Miharu who whenever she goes to the toilet thinks of the incident where she and Keita were locked up in a locker and she peed herself. Now she sat on the toilet thinks about that and what would have happen if things went wrong. She made herself half cum thinking about Keita pushing her in the pool of piss and taking her virginity.

Pretty good start to this volume, I would say :p

31th kiss: Amazing Contact
Mikuni Miharu sprains her ankle and Keita offers her help by piggy backing her to the infirmary. During the ride, Mikuni is turned on by her nipples rubbing on Keita’s back and her legs rubbing too. On the top she cums herself.

32nd kiss: Rewards Taste Like Honey
Ako gets some moment alone with Keita and they pretend to be husband and wife and they kiss. Ako is happy with that. When Riko finds out, she wants to do it too so after school they hide behind the truck and kiss. Riko goes one kinky step ahead and wants to kiss his dick. She embarrasses Keita and he is really like whattt?

I loved this episode. You get to see the real kinky Riko. She is the one perverted yet she says Ako is perverted. Poor Ako.

33rd kiss: A Terrible Event
It wasn’t really terrible. It was fun. It was the day of the measurements. Every students gets measured and weighed. Ako and Riko are close competitors in this (both have almost the same boobs size too and waist). After all that, it comes down to the real game: the weight. They weigh themselves together and Riko beats her sister by 70 grams. Ako is frustrated and she takes off her bra then in desperate measures and reluctantly she takes off her panties too but then at the end she finds out that the scale adjusts the weight of the clothes by itself. So Riko won.

34th kiss: An Interview Without Hindrance
Keita somehow ends up(somehow right, I don’t know) in Mikazuni’s (Kiryuu’s crazy younger sister, sorry if I misspelled her name) house and she treats her guest with care. She shows him her big room and Keita finds out she is a bit dirty minded then he finds out that she is not a bit dirty minded but a lot because when she goes to get something from the kitchen to serve Keita she finds out she has no milk for the tea. She comes back with a milk pottery pot and wants some of Keita’s milk(yes you got that right, his semen). Keita is like whaaaaaat? Then she says they can wait for ten months for Kiryuu teacher to get pregnant and she will be able to give them milk and Keita can even suck her milk like directly. What the?

Seriously how can an innocent young looking blonde girl be so dirty minded? She is up there with Riko definitely. Good pervy little kiss.

35th kiss: A Magnificent Way To Hide
What a chapter. The last chapter ended on a cliffhanger with Keita had Mikazuni on the bed with her legs spread and Kiryuu walks in the house. Luckily Keita hides in the bed when Kiryuu walks in the room and Mika complains about knocking. Mika and Kiryuu chat about stuff and Keita finds out Kiryuu is a virgin and she gets red when Mika talks about Keita. Anyway, flustered, Kiryuu leaves and Mikazuni uncovered the duvet. She had placed Keita hand on her inner thigh the whole time. Keita got a hard on when he finds out about Kiryuu being a virgin( is he really into older women?). Mikazuni slides her panties down and puts up her ass to show to Keita. She tells him to lick and find out if her peaches have nectar. Meanwhile Kiryuu, spotting Keita’s shoes, goes back up curiously and enters the room again. There she sees Mikazuni on the bed doggy with her panties to her thighs and her bare behind visible in front of Keita. Smiling she complains about knocking again (best panel of the chapter by the way).


And that ends the chapter.

Probably Mika is one step ahead of Riko. That’s the end of volume 6. Definitely enjoyed this volume. There were less of the sisters though in this.

627) Stretch #1

By Higashiyama Shou, this is a manga series about stretching and how useful it is. Two students share a room and one introduces other to stretching. In this chapter we learn to stretch the back.

Pretty good. Need to imply this in the real life.

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626) Kissxsis Volume 5 (Chapters 24-29)

Chapter 24: Inu Ga Nishi Mukiya
The teacher wants Mikuni to hook up with Keita so he stops the relationship with his sisters. Somehow they both end up in a locker and Mikuni pees herself and Keita had to catch up. Keita walks her home and the sisters walk alone.

Chapter 25: Ocha ha Nigoshi Mash?
Kiryuu teacher has her doubts about the forbidden incest relationship and she confronts the twins in the girls bathroom and they have a water fight because Kiryuu calls Keita a bad guy. They all have a water fight and Keita had to get them clothes. We also find out Kiryuu is a virgin at like 28.

Chapter 26: After a Midnight Bath
The female teacher Kiryuu takes Keita’s gym track suit and says she will return it tomorrow. She is fascinated by his sweat smell. She goes home and just by sniffing Keita’s clothes, she has an orgasm. Next day she returns the wet(from her cum) clothes back. She didn’t have time to wash them.

Chapter 27: An Unfamiliar Look
Riko and Ako are taking a bath and they are thinking about what they are lacking to get the attention of Keita. They think Keita is attracted to older women so they both massaged each other’s boobs to make them bigger. Then they dress up sexily and enter his room to find his class fellow there. Embarrassed, they exit the room. Keita orders them not to show anyone their bodies.

Chapter 28: A Complicated Holiday Season
This was a filler chapter. Riko and Ako want to go somewhere nice to spend the holidays but Keita has training work.
Meanwhile Riko finds some porno magazines in Ako’s room and they decided to buy a computer together but the guy who installs the pc puts a password on it. The sisters tried every dirty password but nothing and it takes them to the adult electronic market.

Chapter 29: Adorable Sisters

Not the twins but Kiryuu and Mikazuni, the little cheerful blonde. Riko and Ako are in the over 18s bit and they find a magazine but there was only one left and two hands grabs the copy. One is Riko and other is Kiryuu. The twins get a shock and they start asking why Kiryuu is interested in porno. Then Mikazuni comes in and depends Kiryuu and we find out they are sisters themselves.

My thoughts: Pretty good volume. I’m really liking Kiryuu and the forbidden relationship that is just weaving between her and Keita

625) Kissxsis Volume 4


Chapter 18: The Day The Letter Arrived

The letter was gonna arrive of Keita’s exam but a girl’s dog took it away and was trying to bury it. Everyone got worried why the letter not here but the girl came in evening and handed it over. Keita passed.

Chapter 19: The Competition

The girls have a competition with Keita and Ako and Riko come to a conclusion that the girl with the glasses is the competition.

Chapter 20: Pervy Teacher
A teacher catches Keita and the girl with glasses in the storage room and they all think Keita has lost virginity. The teacher is a perv and he asks Riko and Ako to show him their bodies if they want him to be quiet. And they did lifting their skirts up and all that until Keita comes and kicks the teacher’s butt.

Chapter 21: A Surprise Present
Riko and Ako want to go shopping with Keita to buy him a present. There in the clothes shop they find Mikuni and Keita goes to apologise.

Chapter 22: The School Entrance Ceremony Without An Incident

Keita is at school and he broke his sleeve button and Riko takes him to the detention room. She locks the room and they start to kiss and stuff. Here we find out that Riko is shy in front of others. They come in hallway and kiss again when the teacher finds them and she starts to lecture them.

Chapter 23: A Cruel Young Brother

Ako sensed that Keita and Riko did something and she too takes him to the rooftop where they kiss and Ako says that she loves him too. Riko comes and they all go home holding hands (as a punishment). The teacher sees this and freaks out. She is going to put her career on line to sort this.