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628) Kissxsis: Volume 6 (Chapters 30-35)

Posted on: August 13, 2014

Just a little warning that this post contains some sexual themes. Only read if you are OK with it.

628) Kissxsis: Volume 6 (Chapters 30-35)

30th kiss: An Unpredictable Relationship This is a small chapter about Mikuni Miharu who whenever she goes to the toilet thinks of the incident where she and Keita were locked up in a locker and she peed herself. Now she sat on the toilet thinks about that and what would have happen if things went wrong. She made herself half cum thinking about Keita pushing her in the pool of piss and taking her virginity.

Pretty good start to this volume, I would say :p

31th kiss: Amazing Contact
Mikuni Miharu sprains her ankle and Keita offers her help by piggy backing her to the infirmary. During the ride, Mikuni is turned on by her nipples rubbing on Keita’s back and her legs rubbing too. On the top she cums herself.

32nd kiss: Rewards Taste Like Honey
Ako gets some moment alone with Keita and they pretend to be husband and wife and they kiss. Ako is happy with that. When Riko finds out, she wants to do it too so after school they hide behind the truck and kiss. Riko goes one kinky step ahead and wants to kiss his dick. She embarrasses Keita and he is really like whattt?

I loved this episode. You get to see the real kinky Riko. She is the one perverted yet she says Ako is perverted. Poor Ako.

33rd kiss: A Terrible Event
It wasn’t really terrible. It was fun. It was the day of the measurements. Every students gets measured and weighed. Ako and Riko are close competitors in this (both have almost the same boobs size too and waist). After all that, it comes down to the real game: the weight. They weigh themselves together and Riko beats her sister by 70 grams. Ako is frustrated and she takes off her bra then in desperate measures and reluctantly she takes off her panties too but then at the end she finds out that the scale adjusts the weight of the clothes by itself. So Riko won.

34th kiss: An Interview Without Hindrance
Keita somehow ends up(somehow right, I don’t know) in Mikazuni’s (Kiryuu’s crazy younger sister, sorry if I misspelled her name) house and she treats her guest with care. She shows him her big room and Keita finds out she is a bit dirty minded then he finds out that she is not a bit dirty minded but a lot because when she goes to get something from the kitchen to serve Keita she finds out she has no milk for the tea. She comes back with a milk pottery pot and wants some of Keita’s milk(yes you got that right, his semen). Keita is like whaaaaaat? Then she says they can wait for ten months for Kiryuu teacher to get pregnant and she will be able to give them milk and Keita can even suck her milk like directly. What the?

Seriously how can an innocent young looking blonde girl be so dirty minded? She is up there with Riko definitely. Good pervy little kiss.

35th kiss: A Magnificent Way To Hide
What a chapter. The last chapter ended on a cliffhanger with Keita had Mikazuni on the bed with her legs spread and Kiryuu walks in the house. Luckily Keita hides in the bed when Kiryuu walks in the room and Mika complains about knocking. Mika and Kiryuu chat about stuff and Keita finds out Kiryuu is a virgin and she gets red when Mika talks about Keita. Anyway, flustered, Kiryuu leaves and Mikazuni uncovered the duvet. She had placed Keita hand on her inner thigh the whole time. Keita got a hard on when he finds out about Kiryuu being a virgin( is he really into older women?). Mikazuni slides her panties down and puts up her ass to show to Keita. She tells him to lick and find out if her peaches have nectar. Meanwhile Kiryuu, spotting Keita’s shoes, goes back up curiously and enters the room again. There she sees Mikazuni on the bed doggy with her panties to her thighs and her bare behind visible in front of Keita. Smiling she complains about knocking again (best panel of the chapter by the way).


And that ends the chapter.

Probably Mika is one step ahead of Riko. That’s the end of volume 6. Definitely enjoyed this volume. There were less of the sisters though in this.


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