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652) X-Men #161: Heroes And Villians 1 of 4

Black Tom Cassidy is a spy in form of a tree at the institute and he has lured Cain in. Meanwhile Annie the nurse leaves because she thinks it is unsafe for her and her child with Alex Summers.

651) Uncanny X-Men #459: Bad Company (World’s End 5 of 5)

Psyloche helps control Rachel which helps Storm. The weather gets worse then comes under control. At the end the Aliens make allies with X-Men because X-Men saved the weather which was destroyed the savage lands too.

650) Uncanny X-Men #458: The Enemy Of My Enemy (World’s End 4 of 5)

Storm is still captured and the Aliens (Hauk’ka) want to create a large weather destruction thing to destroy the world through Storm. Meanwhile the X-Men escape but they can’t leave Storm behind.

649) Uncanny X-Men #457: Cutting Edge (World’s End 3 of 5)

Bishop, Nightcrawler, Storm who are prisoners of the Aliens have some allies now too of the same race.

Psyloche and X-23 come to the rescue and now they are in savage land and they met more allies namely KazAr.

648) Uncanny X-Men #456: On Ice (World’s End 2 of 5)

Better issue this one. The Aliens have abducted Wolverine and X-Men are after him. They fight will the Aliens. The Aliens overpowered Rachel and turned her against the X-Men. The X-Men get captured but X-23 escapes and finds Betsy in the blackbird. Now it is up to them to rescue the X-Men.

647) Uncanny X-Men #455: Not Dead Yet? (World’s End 1 of 5)

Laura or X-23 is off the hooks. She can’t control her emotions and Wolverine receives a phone call and he fucks off somewhere. And on top of all this fucking drama, Betsy (Psyloche) makes an entrance from the dead

What the fuck is going on here? I don’t have a clue. I’m just going to abandoned this and skip to the House of M.

1 out of 5.

646) Uncanny X-Men #454: Cardinal Law (Chasing Hellfire 3 of 3)

Wolverine has a big fight with Donald Pierce (the cyborg) but Pierce is more stronger. Eventually Shaw ended up destroying him. Didn’t enjoy this story arc at all.

2 out of 5.

645) Uncanny X-Men #453: Cardinal Betrayal (Chasing Hellfire 2 of 3)

Did not understand this comic at all. I have no idea what Sebastian Shaw is all about. Bishop had to shoot down X-Men because he saw a threat from the future. Sage is still on the other side. Let’s see what happens in the next issue.

644) Uncanny X-Men #452: Chasing Hellfire

I rate this comic 4 out of 5 because it is just brilliant. We see Emma and Rachel battle in the most weird and psycho way. A must read.

The team enters the Hellfire building which is now deserted. Emma Frost, the former White Queen, appears and help them go in. Emma and Rachel go in while the other team take the sewage way. Then they see Bishop attacking and backstabbing the team.

643) Uncanny X-Men #451: Impediments (The Cruellest Cut 2 of 2)

Weird issue. Don’t know what just happened. Nightcrawler hinted that X-23 had same eyes as Logan. I guess Logan don’t know that she is his daughter. The best part was at the end when Sebastian Shaw is calling Sage and she goes to find the Hellfire Club again. I love Sage.