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Drama: The Vampire Diaries Season 4

Posted on: September 22, 2014

This season was exciting but not as exciting as the previous ones. For a change, this season was simple enough. There wasn’t any complicated storylines intermingling with each other like Vampires and wolves and hybrids and shit.

This season, as always, had two halves. One half is about how Elena copes with her vampire transition and the story about the Hunters. The Elena one is a hit but the Hunter story arc isn’t much exciting. Yeah I know we have the Hunter’s mark and all that but it is crap and somehow they linked that Hunter crap with the second half which is Silas.

Silas is an immortal being who wants to come in this world and take the cure and be normal human. Second half was about getting to Silas and awakening him.

In the season finale we see death of a major character. Should I tell you or not? Hmm nah I won’t but yeah she dies. But it’s vampire diaries. People come back from the dead.

It was good to watch. The suspense is a bit dying. The drama is lagging. Buy still Stefan is there and Elena is there. I’m happy.

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