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755) Gotham Academy #2: The Diary Of Millie Jane Cobblepot

Olive finds a book in the library during her reading called The Diary Of Millie Jane Cobblepot and she keeps it but a girl she doesn’t like grabs it. Later on she battles with her own problems and she and her friend maps goes to the old cemetery to find some people doing some weird spell under a tomb. They have the book there. Millie grabs it and she is possessive about it saying ‘After all I’m my mother’s daughter’.

Arrow Season 2 Espiode 14 – Time Of Death

I have been watching this season for a while and by far this is the best episode so far. So many things jam packed in just one episode. Spoilers ahead.

First of all the madness of the Lance family. So much is going on with Laurel and how she is coping it is amazing. She is truly a strong character.

The action of the villian (time perfect) is so good. It keeps you on your feet.

Then there is this little jealousy Felicity is feeling because Sara is now part of the team and she can do things Felicity can too so she gets jealous then she takes a bullet for her too.

Then at the end, Slade Wilson appearing to greet Mr Queen. Just superb.

754) Swamp Thing #36: Calibration

Swamp Thing fights with the machines. He gives them a chance to survive though. He travels to Abby, his lover, and tells her the situation that is the machine comes for her, she should inform him. Meanwhile the machines calculate the possible ways to destroy the green and they have come up with an idea.