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756) Naruto Volume 1: Uzumaki Naruto! (Chapters 1-7)

1. “Uzumaki Naruto!” (うずまきナルト!!?) (30/12/14)
Well here we are after a couple of month’s of absence. One of my new year’s resolution is to start watching and reading Naruto and I have done that exactly. So far I prefer reading. The slow pace of the anime makes me sleepy. Happy New Year 2015.
In Chapter 1 Naruto Uzumaki is a (not) normal boy in the school. He is very mischievous and pulls pranks quite often and fails the exams. One of the teachers told him to grab a scroll for it. He does and learns a shadow clone move. That teacher turns out to be a traitor and tries to kill Naruto’s real teacher. Naruto finishes the traitor by making clones of himself. Good start.

2. “Konohamaru” (木ノ葉丸!!?) (30/12/14)
The Hokage’s son Konohamaru wants to defeat Naruto and wants to gain the title of the Hokage because he is sick of people calling him the Hokage’s grandson. Naruto says that he must beat him if he wants to be a Hokage. Kono says that one day he will beat Naruto and become the true Shinobi. Pretty good. This wasn’t covered in the anime I think.

3. “Enter Sasuke!” (うちはサスケ “Uchiha Sasuke”?) (30/12/14)
Sasuke and Sakura are introduced. We see Naruto after Sakura and Sakura after Sasuke. They three are in one team and soon their training will begin.

4. “Hatake Kakashi!” (はたけカカシ!!?)
The team has a Jounin Sensei called Kakashi and he tells them that tomorrow the training will start. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura will have to get the bells from Kakashi in order to get lunch otherwise they will starve. I loved reading this issue.

5. “Pride Goeth Before a Fall” (油断大敵!!”Yudan taiteki!!”?) or” Carelessness Is Your Worst Enemy) (30/12/14)
Naruto tries his hard to get the bells bit Kakashi is of course a Jounin. Then Naruto multiples himself performing the forbidden Jitsu. But Kakashi Sensei successfully dodges him.

6. “Not Sasuke!” (サスケ君に限って…!!”Sasuke-kun ni kagitte…!!”?) (30/12/14)
Naruto couldn’t get the bells so he falls for the trap but Sasuke tries and just bearly manages it. But Kakashi is too fast.

7. “Kakashi’s Decision” (カカシの結論”Kakashi no ketsuron”?) (30/12/14)
Sasuke comes up with an impressive Fire Style Jitsu but not any of them could get the bells so Kakashi announces that there is no need for them to be Shinobi.
Pretty good start. Loved the first volume.