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757) Naruto Volume 2: The Worst Client (Chapters 8-17)

Posted on: January 1, 2015

757) Naruto Volume 2: The Worst Client (Chapters 8-17)

8. “You Failed!” (だから不合格だってんだ!! “Dakara fugōkaku datten’da!!”?) (31/12/14)
It seems they failed but one last chance from Kakashi Sensei who wants to see team work from them. He finally passes them. The anime is following very closely to this yet this is more fun to read.

9. “The Worst Client” (最悪の依頼人 “Saiaku no irainin”?)
Hokage Sama gives Team 7 a C rank assignment where they have to bodyguard a bridge builder to another country. Normally this rank of a mission doesn’t involve any fighting but they confront two ninjas on the way.

10. “Target #2” (2匹目 “Nihikime”?)
Two deadly ninjas called the Demon Brothers attack them. Naruto couldn’t do anything but Sasuke fights with them. Naruto feels a bit left out like why is he always a failure? Kakashi has a word with the bridge builder because he lied about the mission

11. “Going Ashore” (上陸…!! “Jōriku…!!”?)
They arrive safely at the bridge but there is another danger. Zabuza the Jounin level ninja is after them and he is fierce.

12. “Game Over!!!” (終わりだ!! “Owari da!!”?)
Kakashi lifts the band off his eye and reveals he is a Sharingun who can copy his opponent’s moves. Zabuza does the hidden mist jutsu and Kakashi manages to copy the water clone jutsu in the thick mist.

13. “Ninja!!” (忍者だ!! “Ninja da!!”?)
Zabuza is a powerful ninja and he traps Kakashi in a water prison Jutsu.

14. “The Secret Plan…!!!” (秘策…!! “Hisaku…!!”?)
Kakashi is trapped in a water prison and it has limited Zabuza’s movements so he makes a clone to attack Naruto and Sasuke. Naruto has a plan and they execute it trapping the real Zabuza.

15. “Return of the Sharingan” (蘇る写輪眼!! “Yomigaeru Sharingan!!”?)
Kakashi is released and now he is the Sharingun. He copies every move of Zabuza and even does the move first before Zabuza executes it (which is impossible) and manages to defeat Zabuza. But a mysterious masked boy gets to kill Zabuza.

16. “Who Are You?!” (お前は誰だ!! “Omae wa dare da!!”?)
The mysterious maksed boy is called Haku (he looks like a girl, I’ll just think of him as a girl anyway) and he is a friend of Zabuza so Zabs is alive and Kakashi kinda senses that.

17. “Preparations for Battle” (戦いの準備!! “Tatakai no junbi!!”?)
Kakashi now knows for sure Zabuza is alive and he is going to give Naruto and the team some training. First up is Chakra and tree climbing.



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