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758) Naruto Manga Volume 3: Bridge of Courage (Chapters 18-27) (01/01/15)

Posted on: January 2, 2015

758) Naruto Manga Volume 3: Bridge of Courage (Chapters 18-27) (01/01/15)

18. “Training Day” (修業開始 “Shūgyō kaishi”?)
Sakura has the most control over her Chakra while Naruto and Sasuke have less control but more amounts of Chakra. Naruto asks Sakura for advice. Meanwhile Haku doesn’t want Gatou (the businesman) to die because he has plans.

19. “The Emblem of Courage” (勇気の象徴”Yūki no shōchō”?)
Sakura is bodyguarding Tanzuna (the bridge builder) and as they walk through the city she sees the poor state of the city because of Gatou. Back home, eating dinner Sakura notices a torn pic on the wall. Turns out to be Inari’s (Tazuna’s grandson) father who is called the hero of the city.

20. “The Land That Had a Hero…!!” (英雄のいた国…!! “Eiyū no ita kuni…!!”?)
Tazuna tells the story of Inari’s father called Kaiza who saved the city from flooding and then when Gatou came, he killed him in front of the crowd.

21. “A Meeting in the Forest…!!” (森の中の出会い…!! “Mori no naka no deai…!!”?)
Naruto goes to train in the forest early and Haku meets him. He doesn’t know because at the time when Haku killed Zabuza temporarily, he was wearing a mask. Naruto mistakes him as a girl (like I did) but he is a boy. So he is a boy. Kakashi Sensei is ready and so am I to read the next chapter.

22. “The Enemies Return” (強敵出現!!”Kyōteki shutsugen!!”?)
Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi are bodyguarding on the bridge. Zabuza and Haku appears.

23. “Ambush Times Two!” (2つの急襲…!!”Futatsu no kyūshū…!!”?)
Two guys appear at Inari’s house to take his mum hostage. Inari builds up some courage and decides to beat the two thugs of Gatou but Naruto manages to come in time and helps Inari. Meanwhile it’s Sasuke vs Haku.

24. “Speed!! (スピード!!” “Supīdo!!”?)
Haku is fighting against Sasuke and he is fast. He matches in speed with Haku and drives him back. Haku does his demonic mirrors ninjutsu and that’s where Naruto comes in the scene.

25. “For Your Dreams…!!” (夢の為に…!!”Yume no tame ni…!!”?)
Naruto barges straight in the mirrors where Sasuke is and they both struggle to keep up with Haku’s speed. Even with Naruto’s clones and Sasuke’s fire they can’t beat or melt the ice. Kakashi’s hands come up to unveil his Sharingan eye again.

26. “Sharingan Devastation!!” (写輪眼崩し…!! “Sharingan kuzushi…!!”?)
Kakashi has the Sharingan eye out and Zabuza has solved the trick of the mind copying of the Sharingan. The mist is think and Zabuza is best in silent killing so he takes Tazuna out but Kakashi manages to block the attack. Or not. Find out in the next chapter.

27. “Awakenings” (覚醒…!! “Mezame…!!”?)
We find out that Sasuke has the Sharingan ability too. Haku goes faster and tries to kill Naruto and Sasuke (now reading Haku’s movements by the Sharingan) leaps to save Naruto and gets needles in his body. Naruto grabs him and Sasuke is near dying when Haku leaves them. But Naruto wants revenge. Nine tail fox is out.

Loved the end bit there. Gripping cliff hanger.

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