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759) Naruto Manga Volume 4: The New Opponents (Chapters 28-36)

Posted on: January 3, 2015

759) Naruto Manga Volume 4: The New Opponents (Chapters 28-36) (02/01/15)

28. “Nine Tails…!! (九尾…!!” “Kyūbi…!!”?)
Naruto turns partly into nine tails (maybe even less than 20 percent). Kakashi fears the seal is broken within Naruto but it is safe then he realized. Naruto completely destroys Haku, grabbing her and punching her out of the mirrors, smashing them to pieces.

29. “Someone Precious to You” (大切な人…!! “Taisetsu na hito…!!”?)
Naruto realizes he had already met Haku in the woods just that morning. Haku tells his story how his father killed his mother and then he killed his own father. Haku’s story is similar to Naruto. Meanwhile Kakashi summons his cute nin dogs and now Zabuza is trapped in Kakashi’s jutsu.

30. “Your Future is…!!” (お前の未来は…!!”Omae no mirai wa…!!”?)
Kakashi has Zabuza pinned down with his nin dogs while he says that Zabuza’s future is death. Meanwhile Naruto advances to kill Haku and Kakashi advances to kill Zabuza but Haku flees from his position and comes before Zabuza so Kakashi’s hand goes through Haku. Zabuza smirks.

31. “To Each His Own Struggle…” (それぞれの戦い…!! “Sorezore no tatakai…!!”?)
Haku is dead and Kakashi unleashes on Zabuza. In the city Inari tries to gather people to fight on the bridge but nobody is willing to go so he goes alone. Sakura finds out that Sasuke is dead.

32. “The Tools Called Shinobi” (忍という名の道具 “Shinobi to iu na no dōgu”?)
Gatou turns up with his men and denounces Zabuza. Zabuza turns against him and Naruto is like ‘you dont have any feeling for Haku. He loved you’. It actually makes Zabuza teary and he goes in to kill the Gatou’s ninjas and gets to Gatou and tells him that he is taking him to hell with him.

33. “The Bridge of the Hero!!” (英雄の橋!!”Eiyū no hashi!!”?)
Zabuza is dying taking Gatou with him and the ninjas are free to loot the country but Inari comes in with his own men and the ninjas run away. At the end Zabuza comes close to Haku and it is snowing. Very touching moment. The bridge is complete and Team 7 goes back.

34. “Intruders?” (侵入者!? “Shinnyūsha!?”?)
Konohamaru wants to train with Naruto. He calls him leader and bro. He insults Sakura and Sakura beats them up. There are some kind of intruders in town.

35. “Iruka vs. Kakashi” (イルカVSカカシ!??)
The Chunin Exams are taking place and other Genins from other continents are coming. We see Gaara of the desert and other shinobis. Meanwhile Kakashi and two other mentors picked all of their students names for the Chunin Exams. Iruka protested but he is hushed by Kakashi.

36. “Sakura’s Depression” (サクラの憂鬱!!”Sakura no Yūutsu”?)
Sakura is feeling depressed because her team mates are going ahead of her and she is behind. We get to see Rock Lee in this chapter. Lots of other characters are entering. All ready for the Chunin Exams.

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