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760) Naruto Manga Volume 5: The Challengers (Chapters 37-45)

Posted on: January 5, 2015

760) Naruto Manga Volume 5: The Challengers (Chapters 37-45) (04/01/15)

37. “A Total Mismatch!!!” (最悪の相性…!!”Saiaku no aishō…!!”?)
Rock Lee wants to fight Sasuke and he is strong. Sasuke turns his Sharingan on and still he can’t read Lee’s moves. That’s because he is doing Taijutsu which is inferior to Ninjutsu. At the end Lee becomes a huge tortoise.

38. “On Your Mark” (“START…!!”?)
Lee is gonna beat the crap out of Sasuke when Lee’s Sensei, Gai, stepped in who is even more freakier than Lee. He scolds Lee and they say farewell going to their classes.

39. “The Challengers!!” (挑戦者たち!!”Chōsensha-tachi!!”?)
The Challengers are introduced. Sasuke and the team finds out that all the other Genins have completed C Rank missions so they are good.

40. “The First Test” (第一の試験!! “Daiichi no shiken!!”?)
The first test is a written test announced by the examiner. Naruto hates it so it is up to Sasuke and Sakura to pull this one.

41. “The Whisper of Demons” (悪魔の囁き…!? “Akuma no sasayaki…!?”?)
The points system actually encourages the students to cheat. It actually checks your ability to sneak and how well you can do stuff secretly. Pretty good chapter. Everyone is cheating silently except Naruto who hasn’t a clue still.

42. “To Each His Own” (それぞれの闘い…!!”Sorezore no tatakai…!!”?)
Hinata wants Naruto to copy her and different people use different Jutsu to copy others. The tenth question isn’t revealed and now the time has come for the tenth question.

43. “The Tenth Question” (第10問目…!!”Daijū monme…!!”?)
The tenth question was a weird one. Basically the teacher says anyone who wishes not to take can raise their hand and they fail. If you decide to take it and get it wrong then forever you’ll be a genin. Some students take the leave. Naruto was the last to raise his hand after a lot of inner struggle. The teacher congratulates to the students who are seated. They have passed.

44. “The Talents We Test For” (試された資質…!! “Tamesareta shishitsu…!!”?)
Naruto and the rest are through to the second exam which is going to take place in The Forest of Death.

45. “The Second Exam” (第二の試験!!) “Daini no shiken!!”?)
The Forest of Death has a tower in the middle and teams are being handed black or white scrolls and a team had to enter the tower with both coloured scrolls. So they have to fight each other for the other colour of scroll. Let’s go.


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