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761) Naruto Manga Volume 6: Sakura’s Decision (Chapters 46-54) (06/01/15)

Posted on: January 6, 2015

761) Naruto Manga Volume 6: Sakura’s Decision (Chapters 46-54) (06/01/15)

46. “The Password is…” (合言葉は…!!”Aikotoba wa…!!”?)
They have entered the forest but the enemies keep attacking. Someone has become a fake Naruto but Sasuke recongizes him and puts a codeword between the team.

47. “Predator!!” (捕食者!! “Hoshokusha!!”?)
A snake has swallowed Naruto and a viper lady attacks Sasuke and Sakura. She turns into Naruto first but when Sasuke busts her cover, she turns into a snake and fights. In the end Naruto, once again comes to rescue.

48. “The Target is…!!” (その目的は…!! “Sono mokuteki wa…!!”?)
The snake lady is a guy actually. Anyway he summons a huge snake and tries to beat Naruto but Naruto becomes strong and his eyes become of a fox. Everyone is shocked to see this.

49. “Coward…!!” (臆病者…!!”Okubyōmono…!!”?)
Some mysterious entities have entered the forest who killed three students and took their faces. One of them is the snake guy Sasuke is fighting. Sasuke turns his Sharingan on and the snake guy is impressed. He sucks Sasuke’s neck and then goes away giving him a last present. Naruto is still down.

50. “I’ve Got to…!!” (私が…!! “Watashi ga…!!”?)
Anko (the test examiner) goes to find the mysterious guy who is called Orichamaru. Anko was his student in one time. Ori says that he wants Sasuke but Anko doesn’t want this to happen. Meanwhile Naruto and Sasuke both are down and now it is upto Sakura to protect them.

51. “Beauty is the Beast!!” (美しき野獣…!!”Utsukushiki yajū…!!”?)
Sakura is in danger and Rock Lee comes to the rescue doing Spinning Leaf Jutsu.
52. “The Principles of Use!!” (使用の条件!!”Shō no jōken!!”?)
Lee uses the forbidden Lotus technique to overcome his three enemies. This move puts heavy strain on his muscle fibres. He is worn out.

53. “Sakura’s Decision!!” (サクラの決意!!”Sakura no ketsui!!”?)
I’m in love with this character called Sakura. I want to see her fight bravely and I am witnessing it. Lee is down and Sakura is hopeless and outnumbered but she makes a decision. To fight and protect.

54. “Sakura and Ino” (サクラといの “Sakura to Ino”?)
Best chapter so far. Sakura fights with all she got while Ino and her team watches from the bushes. At the end Ino decides to help Sakura after reminiscing the past rivalry between them.

I really enjoyed this volume. 7/10.


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