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763) Naruto Manga Volume 8: Life And Death Battles (Chapters 64-72)

Posted on: January 8, 2015

763) Naruto Manga Volume 8: Life And Death Battles (Chapters 64-72) (08/01/15)

64. “Lord Hokage’s Message…!!” (火影の伝令…!! “Hokage no denrei…!!”?)
The scrolls has a summoning jutsu and it summons Iruke. He congrats them on passing the exam. Naruto is super happy. Somewhere else Hokage tells his team that they get ready for Orichamaru.

65. “Life-and-Death Battles!!” (命懸けの戦い!! “Inochigake no tatakai!!”?)
Everyone is present in front of Hokage and all the Senseis. Hokage Sama begins to explain the third test. He says it is deadly and there is going to be a preliminary for it just to reduce the numbers.

66. “Sakura’s Advice” (サクラの勧告 “Sakura no kankoku”?)
Sakura wants Sasuke to quit because of his curse but he is stubborn. The preliminary will consist of battles with each other. Out of 20, ten will survive. First battle is Sasuke vs Yoroi.

67. “Unholy Gifts!” (異端なる能力!! “Itan naru nōryoku!!”?)
Sasuke is up against Yoroi and his special power is to absorb chakra so Sasuke is all worn out but he delivers a final kick. Probably be the decisive kick.

68. “Blood of the Uchiha” (うちはの血!!”Uchiha no chi!!”?)
Sasuke kicks his butt even with his curse coming and he controlling it with his will. Finally he performs a Taijutsu he Sharinganed from Lee and wins this match.

69. “The Deadly Visitor!!” (恐怖の訪問者!!”Kyōfu no hōmonsha!!”?)
Orochimaru visits Kakashi who is sealing Sasuke’s curse up. While Shino and Zaku fight.

70. “The One Who Dies!!” (死ぬのは…!?”Shinu no wa…!?”?)
Shino wins with his insects thing. The next match Kankuro wins with his puppet jutsu. Next match is, however, an interesting one. Sakura vs Ino.

71. “The Insurmountable Wall…!!” (高すぎる壁…!! “Takasugiru kabe…!!”?)
We see some flashbacks of Ino and Sakura. They are ready to fight.

72. “Rivals…!!” (拮抗…!! “Kikkō…!!”?)
Sakura and Ino are going even until Ino decides to do her mind control thing and actually seem to be successful.

I’m beginning to love Sakura. I love her character. Enjoyed it.


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