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764) Naruto Manga Volume 9: Neji vs Hinata (Chapters 73-81)

Posted on: January 9, 2015

764) Naruto Manga Volume 9: Neji vs Hinata (Chapters 73-81) (09/01/15)

73. “A Declaration of Defeat…?!” (敗北宣言…!? “Haiboku sengen…!?”?)
Sakura actually defeats the mind control. She forces Ino out of her head and with both having low chakra, they finally have a go one last time and both knock themselves out so it is a draw. In the next match, one of the sand students win.

74. “The Sixth Round Match, and Then…!!”(第六回戦…そして!! “Dairoku kaisen… soshite!!”?)
Interesting battle between the sound nin and other shadow boy. Next is Naruto vs Kiba (this is particularly interesting to me because in the video game I play as Naruto and my son usually selects Kiba because he is his favourite character to play)

75. “Naruto’s Coming-of-Age…!!” (ナルトの成長…!! “Naruto no seichō…!!”?)
It’s Naruto vs Kiba. They play warming up with Naruto making a clone of Akamaru (Kiba’s dog) in the smoke and attacking him. Now the real serious battle begins.

76. “Kiba Turns the Tables… and So Does Naruto?!” (キバの逆転!! ナルトの逆転 !!?”Kiba no gyukuten!! Naruto no gyukuten!!?”?)

77. “Naruto’s Clever Scheme!!” (ナルトの奇策!! “Naruto no kisaku!!”?)
Kiba is overcoming Naruto so Naruto has an idea. He transforms into a Kiba and then attacks. Now all three (including his dog) look like Kiba and in the end Kiba ends up blowing his own dog. It’s sad but Naruto wins.

78. “Neji and Hinata” (ネジとヒナタ “Neji to Hinata”?)
Neji and Hinata belong to the same house but Hinata belongs to the main house while Neji a branch house. They also possess an ability like Sharingan but a bit different. Hinata, as always, is nervous and Neji using his special ability makes her more nervous mentally. Hinata is sweating until she gets reassurance from Naruto.

79. “The Hyuga Clan” (日向一族 “Hyūga ichizoku”?)
Loved this chapter. Neji can actually see the chakra flow and control points in Hinata. All he needs to do is apply pressure and the damage is done. Neji does some damage but Hinata is not the one to lose.

80. “The Outer Limits” (限界を超えて…”Genkai o koete…”?)
Neji goes over the top trying to finish Hinata once and for all but he gets interrupted by the teachers.

81. “Gaara Versus…” (我愛羅vs…?)
Naruto vows to fight and destroy Neji because of what he did to Hinata. Hinata barely survives. Next up is what you’ve all been waiting for. Gaara vs Rock Lee. Now this is going to be good.


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