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765) Naruto Manga Volume 10: A Splendid Ninja (Chapters 82-90)

Posted on: January 10, 2015

765) Naruto Manga Volume 10: A Splendid Ninja (Chapters 82-90) (10/01/15)

82. “Lee’s Secret!!” (リーの秘密!! “Rī no himitsu!!”?)
Lee vs Gaara. Gaara’s protection is the sand regardless of his will, the sand is there to protect him but Lee is fast and a specialist in Taijutsu so he breaks in and manages to hit Gaara.

83. “The Ultimate Defense… Crumbles?!” (絶対防御•崩壊!? “Zettai hōgyo, hōkai!?”?)
Thin layer of sand covers Gaara’s skin and he is protected but Lee breaks through it. He decides to perform the Lotus on Gaara and when he does, he finds out that it missed. Now Gaara attacks.

84. “The Genius of Hard Work…!!” (努力の天才…!! “Doryoku no tensai…!!”?)
Lee is shattered and he remembers his times with Gai Sensei, how he used to be hopeless but hard working and determined. This gives him motivation to stand up and fight.

85. “Now, of All Times…!!” (今こそ…!! “Ima koso…!!”?)
What a chapter. Lee goes in the extreme lotus state and opens up the gates within his body to gain more strength and then he starts to smash Gaara around like a doll.

86. “A Splendid Ninja…!!” (立派な忍者…!!”Rippa na ninja…!!”?)
Lee smashes Gaara which I thoroughly enjoyed reading. But then Gaara performs Desert Coffin and Lee is down, all worn out already. Winner is Gaara but Lee won all the hearts.

87. “The Preliminaries… Completed!!” (予選終了…!! “Yosen shūryō…!!”?)
Choji versus the sound guy and the sound guy wins. Lee is really unstable and the medical team will have to work hard to restore him.

88. “What About Sasuke…?!” (サスケは…!?”Sasuke wa…!?”?)
The prelims are over and the hokage gave the remaining students one month to prepare themselves and get to know their enemies better. Meanwhile Orochimaru uses Kabuto to kill Sasuke but Kakashi is there at the hospital where Sasuke is treated.

89. “Naruto’s Wish…!!” (ナルトのお願い…!!”Naruto no onegai…!!”?)
Kabuto runs into Kakashi and he manages to escape. Hokage explains the final tournament. It’s Neji vs Naruto and Sasuke vs Gaara plus others.

90. “What About My Training?!” (修業どーすんだ!? “Shūgyō dōsun’da!?”?)
Naruto gets training from his new teacher on how to control chakra and all that.

The first half of this volume was great but it was good overall.


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